Sunday, December 16, 2007

Do you think i really care

Okay if you go to the link below, the person using the Lamokio account claims that he is actually someone named "Timmy" and that John Creeden has not been using this account for months. I could waste some time trying to determine the truth of the matter, however this "admission" perhaps made for legal reasons, is a violation of our TOS which prohibits the sharing of accounts

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Bill Augiar is welcome to post here using his own account. Creeden and "Timmy" are now perma-banned. If they register new accounts and we find out, we will ban them.

I did not have a problem with John telling the BDFS side of events, but when he or Timmy now informs us that all of the comments made with this account are not to be taken seriously, I get rather aggravated.

I'm re-opening this thread. John P, please don't talk about Mr. Creeden, because then he'll claim he should be permitted to re-register to contest what you write.

I am sick about hearing about John P/John C/ or Billy A dirt. Please keep this to the lawsuit topic people!

So i duped you guys once again. You really think that any of you are worth the effort I think not. See you guys have got to understand their is no me and you guys I have no problem with any of you . You seem to think like you guys are worth the effort.

I'm a witness for the Plaintiff in a Federal Court case and for the defendant I'm not stupid guys. I now my limits . After the e-mail exchanges with Barron Shepperd and Floyd Webb I was not taking any chances. I told you guys I had several computers really their were about 10 or so people posting so i really didn't now what was going on. When i actually found out what was going on . It was my brother that told me that the thread was suspended. Thats why I pulled the plug. And told Timmy to come clean.

Patricio nows who Timmy is and he doesn't like him either. Ya John Timmy a couple of your old friends two