Monday, December 17, 2007

I sue Ashida Kim for this one if I could

Enough with Floyd Webb for a minute. Really didn't want to piss on any ones parade but i despise Radford Davis he has taken down the BDFS i remember.

I said to myself I've seen this image before and when I said that and Billy said that's the Moving Zen book and I said no shit. See William Aguiar Jr. had extensive collection of martial arts books dating back to the 30's. And guess what he had this book Ashida Kim / Radford Davis is a grifter in the classic sense. He made it up along the way and profited like i always say theirs a sucker born every minute.

I've been looking into the other symbols on the Diploma and plan to hunt them down. I wouldn't have known this if it wasn't for Samuel Browning to whom i need to apologize to for letting several people pose as me . But I have several e-mail's like 15 of them I thought everybody had several. But as I found out Bullshido takes that shit seriously I'm only banned from my labtop IP. Like I said boys I have a server in my house for gaming . I can changed my own IP but why bother. But sorry Samuel Browning for the help. But I really hate Ashida Kim for the way he watered down the BDFS and created chaos. It wasn't like that when I was in the Fathers School and no way William V. Aguiar Jr would have never dealt with Floyd Webb he would have banged him out . For sure the Father William Jr would have fuck with Floyd harder than me man . All he had to do is pick up the phone and you were done he was that type of guy.

So in closing I hate Ashida Kim / Radford Davis