Sunday, December 23, 2007

John Cole says no to Floyd Webb

John Cole says he will not be interviewed for the film and he will sign no agreements. See John Cole by my Father's standards earned his belt from Dante/Keehan and William V Aguiar Jr. John Cole is really deadly with sai that's his discipline. He'll cut things to ribbon's John Cole taught the weapons class on Saturday's. He trained old school in Okinawa outside their's an old picture Billy has of John Cole and with a Okinawan Master. John Cole is high speed Airborne Special Forces. His speciality is communications . I've personally seen him make an antenna with a copper wire, tin foil and urine and a battery. A true warrior and mentor in the classic sense.

John Cole hoped from the start the Floyd would play fair but we all new that Chicago harbers resentment towards Fall River. Always did and Floyd Webb's friend is Simmie Williams are the same resenting people we talk about when we say this. People will say no but without us theirs no Keehan/Dante you can't change the past.

And it doesn't matter who`s righting the blog and whats on it, Brandy Karl did it first check this link- So before you blow your stack who's righting this just remember this { The greatest trick the devil ever played is to make everyone believe that he didn't exzist and then he was gone}