Saturday, December 22, 2007


Here I am on top of Mount Washington just before the observatory see guys unlike most of you who are bogged down with 9 to 5 jobs and sit behind a computer and argue behind a computer. Some people do go outside and stay in shape . I'm really not impressed with any you. Do any of you have school's let alone real lineage in the martial arts no . But Billy's lineage and my lineage are historic. Lets see

1. William V. Aguiar Jr. 10 th Dan Judan and John f Creeden Jr. 8th Dan Hacidan
2. John Timothy Keehan 10 th Dan Judan
3. Robert A Trias 10 th Dan Judan
I won't even get into names and date you all own them all.

Theirs the 1974 Black belts my father is on top all the way to the right. They were all Dante's / Keehan's friends one of them was an accomplis in the Puralator Robbery . So by now guys and train hard real hard. Because someday you will need it!!!!