Monday, December 17, 2007

Who's behind us every Copyright holder

Sorry it happened this way I was tired with it this Internet shit and all the back stabbing WHO CARES. I now the law alot better than any of you so . What am I guilty of letting my friends on computers used for gaming when I'm not their have fun with all of you . That's what I'm guilty of I never called anyone a coon or a dyke so go head bring it up in court. It doesn't help Floyd sounds like a stubborn child to me. You guys got fucked with but you all fucked with Bill and that was all right through.

Every single e-mail we get from copyright holders only makes us stronger. See boys this shit is new copyright law on the Internet is only a few years old so the interpretation of the law is new. People all the time who own books and cards in a flower shop that's copyrighted . No one whats their shit fucked with by some Doc filmmaker when they pay enormous fees only to have it stolen. We have thousands of supporters not the 10 or so of small people who back Floyd.

If Floyd didn't play fair. Also the 81 years old mother thing that was on Floyds Blog because of the theft from Barron Shepperd they will have to prove that happened and they can't. Now that's Defamation of character .

Floyd looses all the way around . Sorry guys it wasn't me and you can't prove it was so Fuck off wankers