Friday, December 28, 2007


So, you have found a connection with Michael Bertiaux, hierarch of the gnostic preisthood in Chicago, author of the Voudon Gnostic Workbook. He has tentacles that reach into the highest realms of the occult world. Be careful....where there is smoke...there is fire (hell fire!). WELL FLOYD WE'VE NOW THIS FOR YEARS. Mr. Bertiaux use to bring girls for Keehan to film in an adult manner back in the 60's. He was one of those brain washing types" Like a Manson Type " he use to cruise the bus terminal and sway girls with money and drugs. All mind control for this guy Keehan use to take some liberties with this guy a notorious degenerate. But he had a stable of women and that was alright with Keehan because he has to have a supply of girl's for the porno house and peep show's for the Mafia.

Keehan controlled downtown Chicago with a iron hand. The film we have un-cut porno film's were you see Keehan and and some other individuals make sets and talking to the producer in what they want. And in comes Mr. Bertiaux with his street girls for Keehan to pick one or two to participate in the film. One who was and is a big porno star to this day.

Once the film was made their is a shot of Keehan tasting the fruits of his work with several actress all supplied by Mr. Bertiaux. Floyd is going down a dark hole of darkness . To each his own.

And the guy up top is Aliester Crowley