Thursday, April 17, 2008


This guy is backed by Floyd webb his movie will be a joke and a laugh

Re: what is fake and what is real?
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First, I am not Radford Davis, no matter how many times this lie is told, it is still not true. Radford Davis is a friend of mine, and should anything happen to him or his family because of these lies, I shall be most put out.
Second, I am not 65. No one knows my age, it is a big secret, LOL It is not really important, just not anyone's business.
Your allegation that I "purvey black belts without verification to any paying customer" is simply wrong. It is based on a "trap" by Creeden and Bullshido. They made up a name and asked for Black Belt certification in Valetudo. I sent a certificate with a Black Belt EQUIVALENCY because there are no belts in Valetudo. But, just like a weasely Democrap, these guys twisted it and kept repeating it until "uninformed observers" like yourself believe it. Almost all of the certificates we award are based on prior certification or videotest. Some are given gratis to those who are deemed worthy. Black Belts can do that. The TKD people often award "honorary Black Belts" to local politicians and sheriffs. Masaaki Hatsumi himself will give you a certificate for the asking because he knows, like I do, that if you are qualified and the only thing holding you back is a piece of paper, then we will give it to you. If you are not qualified and we give you a piece of paper and you try to bluff your way through with it, you will get you ass kicked. Either way you learn the lesson you asked for. That the certificate doesn't make you a better fighter, nor is it adequate defense against a determined mugger.
Now, as usual, you are free to believe whatever you choose. You can find a report or a poll or a "scientific" study that will support any argument. If not you can fabricate one. But, the truth is the truth, whether you like it or not. And, I think we have proven multiple times that we are on the side of truth and right and justice, in court, on these message boards, and in dealing with real life.
You have no idea where I have been, what adventures I have had, nor what friends and enemies I have made. And, I'm not going to tell you, because those are my memories, you must make your own, LOL I am just another traveler you have met along the Way. Hardly worth making such a fuss over, just an ordinary guy who knows a few neat tricks. Who is perfectly willing to share them with you to help you along the Path. If that's a crime, if that's not good enough for you, too bad. Whatever you think I am or wish me ot be, I am that I am. Seeing the suffering of the world, I am unmoved. Hearing the words of sages, I am unmoved. I move only in my own way. You can too. If you just stop worrying about what other people think and say about you. Especially people who have never taken the time to meet you.
There is a lot of hate in the world. Some of it is projected at me. But, hate and anger can only be truly directed at the self. What these people accuse me of is their own lack of self esteem. But, because they are studying martial arts, there is hope that, even like Conan, they will come to know their own self worth and grow up to become men who know what is really important.
Not to worry, all this chaos, even your concern for this issue, is just part of a transition to a better day, LOL Keep well, keep training, in this way, you may discover the truth for yourself.

Ashida Kim

Its Radford Davis hands down. Its been proven in court.