Saturday, April 19, 2008


From my vast archives I've come up with this document which he claims Aikido, Karate, and Jujitsu . Ok I bite. See I know its all about self promotion. Black belt rank was so hard to come by if you were not oriental.In the 50's and 60' it was on the endangered species list in a way.

From the time I was training as a young child a Judo guy never trained with a Kung Fu guy that was Taboo. I look at this document and see he was called a Shi Han in Ju-te.

Shihan is conferred on a martial artist who has been promoted by a particular Ryu with a teaching certification . This could be compared to a deacon or an elder in a church, or someone who is held in high esteem due to his knowledge or financial support of the ryu. This title is indicative of a station and totally indigenous to the Ryu. It is a honorary title sometime s translated to mean "Master Teacher" which would be a very loose translation but somewhat correct. It is usually given to someone within the Ryu for his total support of the Ryu; it does not necessarily mean he is the Master of the Art{ Note: In Today's Japan, to recieve this title you must have the rank of Godan and above in that particular Ryu.

So basically this states that he was self promoted from with in the group, see had a black belt in Aikido, Karate and Ju jitsu and then he got his Roku- Dan 6th degree in Chuan Fa , Shaolin Boxing, Jute And Kempo from Dante/Keehan. It was a self promotion come one boys Ken Knudson and 6 schoold and Dwyer had his schools and Edgell had his and so on. Its the good old boy system of the martial arts.

Once again we show the proof and it tells everybody that the Chicago martial arts scene at that time was financed by Keehan, and when Konsevic got killed that they all turned their back on Keehan. They were all promoted by him and now their trying to cash in on someone they stabbed in the back at the time of John Keehans greatest need. Shihan in five years Lucy you got some splanning to do.