Friday, April 11, 2008


This is the back of the Worlds Deadliest fighting Secrets obviously Floyd lawyers don't read their material, look at the page and all will be revealed.

Mr Peck has known my father for years their both Masons and their are very well respected, You not getting nothing from here, unless Judge Wolf orders. Their were raised on the same block. It is kind of underhanded by the lawyers of Floyd Webb to slander a respectable citizen.
Floyd lawyers surely show that lawyers are lower than whale shit.

Look at the highlighted name boys , I want Floyds lawyers to see this, they need to do their homework when making accusation that they have no idea of what their accusing Billy of. No matter what you say the paperwork is their. So if Billy's counter claim is plagiarized it must perfect then and Floyd doesn't want to go to trial.

The Black Dragon Fighting Society is deeply rooted in Fall River and the surrounding communities. You have to remember this Billy has a school hear for 42 years including the Mount Hope Judo Club in Tiverton Rhode Island and the other guys who was in the club ended up being A Fire Chief here for 35 years.

I never disrespected the court at all and to say that is slanderous and will be used against all of you , see you just made it public record and was sworn under oath.

Its has been a fun ride in his declaration by David Kluft it states that the footage was my fathers, so Barron who a bad deal with me and Floyd took said footage from Barron, isn't that receiving stolen property.

Now people are going to have to prove now that I called someone 81 years old mother and own up to said footage, I will guarantee you this " Fair Use" isn't going to be Floyds defense at all. And the footage will be part of the complaint. You shouldn't have lied Floyd

See it what you say and Its what I say, Now lets go to court to prove it, but I'm going to go to your Jurisdiction , so were going to take that right off of the table. I know what the airfare to Chicago via Boston is , you seem to think that I've never been to Chicago wrong again.

I didn't agree with the way Billy wanted to handle this. Billy is extremely pig headed John Patricio can attest to that, and he wanted to do the court thing, so be it. Like I said it is his deal not mine . Me and Billy are on different paths with the way its dealt. I want to stock pile shit and grab the profits from the film. But Billy owns it.