Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Keehan was introduce to poison hand from a friend Adriano Emperado in 1959. The guys name was Choke Yoke Chung who was teaching Chaun fa at the time. So get your fuckin history right. You think that these clowns in Chicago can re-write history. Keehan was in Southern California training with the Hawaiian masters in 1959 while in the Marines.

So before you think you know it all in Chicago, think again. Keehan was introduced to the Martial arts in the Marines, not his childhood. It was a demonstration from Trias on the Marine Corps base in San Diego. Thats caught Keehan fancy it had nothing to do with Chicago.

He had nothing to do with Chicago until 1965 when he went back after being kicked out of the USKA.

It was Russel Brown who introduced Tamura to Keehan
Mas Tamura was teaching Russel Brown and Gregory Jaco and Andy Wilson who were posing as janitors. See back then their was a lot of racism with in the Japanese and Chinese communities back then.

So heres Floyd Webb questioning Joe Dorado own info. From the June 24, 2007

It seems I may have been mistaken in thinking that James Yimm Lee may have
taught Keehan Poison Hand. It was closer to home, in Chicago's Chinatown with
James Lee who was admitted to the Shaolin Temple when he was 6 years old. Lee
also became estranged from John when he took on his Count Dante

Floyd doesn't know martial arts history at all.

James Lee became estranged when Keehan didn't stop the street taxes against Lee's business. See Keehan had several street gangs. See Giancana original gang the 42's ran the oriental rackets back then. See when Keehan threw in with Giancana over the porno, James Lee didn't agree with that . So get your history straight. This is why no one believes your bullshit.

Also Keehan ran several street gangs in Chicago's Leevee district, who would collect for Keehan that he would kick up to Anthony Accardo and then to Giancana.

So fuck yourself Floyd , your not even close to the truth.