Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Wow my head is spinning , I got a Hudson pass which is really expensive it gave me access to all the short narratives and short documentary completion films you can't see them all. I sat in a seminar hosted by Martin Scorsese and Spike Lee and a lot of people who are really not known to me . But the exploits in cinema really got my juices flowing. Ester Robinson film film uncharted waters really was well done. Its a story of Danny Williams a friends of Andy Warhols factory. Williams disappeared in 1966 never to be seen again. The film reminded me of Dante/Keehan, but she did it with them remembering Williams on how bad they disliked him she still shot it. What moved me about it was Williams was her uncle. She cried before the introduction to the film. She never met him.

The gala event was awesome all the New York night life was their. I met some really interesting people at the bar. Its really interesting how people talked to you with a pass with your picture on it. I got to talking with people and they asked what I was doing their and I explained to them that I wanted to get into the film business. They asked that what do you want to do, I explained alot to them and made several contacts . Then I showed them the footage and explained the fair use case and they said their is alot of Filmmakers good and bad like any other type of career.

I will be sending samples to several New York based movie companies who are intrested in doing a film on John Keehan. This Japanese filmmaker was really intrested Shunji Iwai he was on the juries on the Sundance Film Festival , dam the guy could drink warm Saki. We talked martial arts and the Japanese culture. Good things coming for the Black Dragon Fighting Society.