Tuesday, April 1, 2008


First of all John Keehan never trained with Jimmy Yee what years was that from 1959 to 1964 he was with Trias and Parker. From 1965 to 1975 he was the head of the WKF and BDFS so was he a child training with Jimmy Yee. See you people have it all wrong Keehan started his training in the Marines and then under Trias. So when theses people come up with Jimmy Yee and Mas Tamura I shake my head. Russell Brown was training with Mas Tamura not John Keehan only when Keehan was a Go Dan 5TH grade did he start to train with Tamura.

So Mr Dorado show me one of the seven entrances to poison hand. Because all I've seen was very weak Aikido.

Mr Edgell founder of Ju-te, I hold a Go Dan in his style and Billy a 9th Dan in Ju-te. Were is his school . Both my father and John Cole are Hatchi-Dan's in JU-TE 8th Dan's in a system out of Chicago. Why did Mr Edgell style die in Chicago, now that guys a genius with his system. Fall River has kept the Chicago styles alive for over 40 years. Ju-te is an awesome style Mr Edgell has my respect.

This is Joe Dorados responce, come sue me . If you have 50,000 and prove personal jurisdiction over me then I call your bluff

Hey Guys,I am not interested in keyboard fighting or any of the problems you seem tooccur. This is a one time only reply by the advice of my attorney who statesthat you are slandering (the act of saying something false or malicious thatdamages somebody¹s reputation) my name and business. I never taught or knewJohn Keehan; you have misunderstood what you read. Grandmaster James Lee wasJohn Keehan¹s teacher and he advanced me to Master of
Shaolin Chuan-Fa, I amsurprise your site does not mention Grandmaster James Lee. Woodrow Edgellwas one of my teachers and he was one of William V Aguiar¹s teachers when hewas in Chicago. If you are saying my Poison Hands are week, then you areaffecting everyone connected with John Keehan. My system is in the hands ofthe TSA and waiting to be approved. The Federal Government will investigateall of my certifications and teachers before they hire me. You will find allmy certificates are real and I have taught Law Enforcement for severalyears, was a Kane County Deputy Auxiliary Sheriff, and had to prove mysystem works. On the video I repeat these Poison Hands are the first five ata basic level, I will not put the second level on video, unless they areFederal Marshals. I have contacted Floyd Webb to be in his movie, I will domy best to show where John Keehan learned his Poison Hands and give him therespect
he deserves. I know how John trained and how he changed the PoisonHands to be a more Karate version. I would like to see your Poison Hands,are you going to post any You Tube videos. I am a professional Master andbusiness man and if you continue to slander my name and business you will becontacted by my attorney. I am not interested in the war you have created,my only involvement is to have John Keehan respected in the movie by myselfand Woodrow Edgell. This should help your business and Floyd Webb is alsodoing this in a professional way. The Black Dragons asked me to teach themthe Poison Hands and I agreed. I have invested several hundred thousands ofdollars in myself and business and must protect my reputation legally. Bylooking at the comments on your website, if someone was a potential studentand seen all the problems, they would go some where else. Floyd Webb¹s movieshould bring people to your site,
you need to clean it up and conductyourself as a professional.Thank You Master Dodaro