Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Hey Radford save your pennies your still gonna need them when we come to your jurisdiction. I know that you only make three hundred a month and take care of an ailing mother . That you couldn't even prove existed. You the biggest scum bag from way back , your a fuckin jack-off. I love the madolio e-mails I supposedly sent you with no e-mail address on them that was funny. Your the fraud and the fake and you've been exposed over and over as a fraud and a fake black belt.

I just love the way you think you vindicated by jurisdiction. How about when I challenged you you never replied and I was putting up 50,000 for you and your three buddies. But you were the no show. The only reason I won't fight Barron is this I want "NO HOLDS BARRED" until then. I want a waiver for damages, I won't kill Barron but 2 or 3 months in the hospital is suitable for me.

You guys never expected to meet a guy like me, I don't fuck in care at all what happens. I will tear grapple and snap Barron into pieces. He is in with Berto being a corner man is no big deal, please get something original. But keep it up its all part of the over all picture. Thank for the in-put.


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 Re: Falliver folds
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Quite so! Let's consider this: Creeden talked his buddy into filing a lawsuit that had no merit. Creeden stole his buddy's film and sold it to Shepard. Creeden is the only one who has profited in any way from this debacle, and apparently no matter how many threats he makes to prove how demented he is, he doesn't have the balls to actually show up for a fight.
He has made such a fool of himself on other internet forums that even some of the worst of those guys have recognized themselves in his stupidity and banned him and even mellowed out a bit.
My only problem is this jackoff is still trying to stir up trouble and yet HE is never held accountable for it. But then, there are a lot more important things to be concerned with than this pitiful moron. Have no fear, karma will take care of him, and karma never fails, LOL
Ashida Kim