Saturday, April 26, 2008


Barron the weasel that you are will try a DCMA take down to try to take the image down. Its funny that you guys respond so fast. Barron you did tell me about a heart condition , just like you told me about you being an MP and you worked for the sheriffs dept in Florida, or did I just make that up too. See Barron installs Lite -Tech systems he automates houses, he states that he works on the water and the guy that owns theses mansions their are five of them ,that he works on. The owner invented the Zamboni machine. So much for Katrina relief.

Do you know what Barron paid for the wrestler just the wrestler they had the footage way before me , But when I wanted a sign agreement they said no this is the same thing Floyd is trying to do with Billy. No signature no deal, end of story. And do you have you mothers phone records your gonna need them soon. Your the bullshitter and you know it Barron. You make me laugh.