Wednesday, April 23, 2008



Once again their ramblings are in a locked forum with 12 people in forum , they yell and curse but nobodies listening. John Patricio the once great defender of the BDFS is on the side of Ashida Kim. Patricio 50,000 is nothing to me cripple I dont see you walking around with any money what so ever "Ha I said walking can you do that John, but I bet you can raise the straw to your nose Mr. 4 years freshman. And Aubrey says hi she thinks your an fuckin ass. Shes cute I know she wouldn't throw stones at you. You pushed alot of coke up her nose for those pictures Patricio.

And Mr Shepperd hows your life insurance is it paid up. I love it , the boy who thinks like a man. Hey is Wendy sexy in a thong all oiled up . Barron are your kids your are you sure, from were you come from the could be Radfords. I heard about you Rednecks a town like Winter Haven 1600 people and 5 last names . Barron you could be successful if you won the lottery.

Apr 23rd, 2008 - 6:06 AM
Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is Creeden if you met me in the street you would soil yourself. Keep telling your lies and living out your fantasy of being a great martial artist. Have nt seen nothing from you but talk, coward. Trying your best to yet again tie me in with Ashida Kim. There is nothing there ass wipe. But keep going. There is no ownership or partnership or business arrangement with the man. This is old and tired. If some thing was there it would nt have been thrown out of court. Why dont you post the court filings where I make those statements to the judge.You say the movie is about Ashida Kim. I say he will be lucky to get about 20 to 30 seconds in the documentary. Floyd has interviewed a sh it load of people. But if you actually knew anything about the filmaking world you would know this.You ran your mouth on the net about fighting me until someone called you on it. I was willing to keep quiet about it but you kept going then finally you got exposed and someone mentioned that you did nt show up. Now your running around trying to figure out some way to do your damage control. There is nothing you can do to explain that away. YOU made that grandiose stand on bullshido. Then folded up like a lawn chair.Your a self destructive person you hurt yourself and those around you. You cannot help yourself it is in your nature. You are mad at the world for not giving you your due. But you dont realize you have to work to attain it. When an opportunity presents itself you are unable to take advantage of it. Your fear of not measuring up is to great. You got a lottery mentality you think all you got to do is get lucky and manna will fall from the sky. Your attempts at extortion didn't work. You failed to realize I will go to the ends of the earth and to hell and back to protect what is mine.You did not show you got Browning all fired up to film the match and you chickened out. Now you want a no holds barred match you want to do it in the street you have no intentions of meeting me any where.Face to face mano-e-mano is not your style. Never has been. You are in one word a wanna be. you have never done anything because you lack ability, motivation and drive.You want to steal my books. Guess you dont have the knowledge to do work of your own. So you have to steal some one elses. I got no problems meeting you any where. Your the one who seemingly is unwilling to do it. You did nt show back then and you want show any where now.Your a joke. I mention that I am training a fighter who fights on show time and you post an entry about going and WATCHING a tournament. Geuss that is your speed.DONT SEE YOU DOING ANYTHINGBy the way my phone rang yesterday and I may be working with a stunt company training their stunt people. Guys life is great.They say success is the best revenge.

John Patricio
Apr 23rd, 2008 - 8:00 PM
Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is Gotta love how Creeden is now saying that he wanted an alley fight again. I remember very distinctly him saying that before. I remember Barron accepting. Then I remember Creeden changing his mind and saying that he wanted a sanctioned match in a ring so that he wouldn't be able to hurt Barron too badly. So Barron said OK again and that's the fight that Creeden didn't show for. Now he is saying that he wanted the alley fight after all. Well why the hell did he accept a ring match? He is obviously full of crap. It doesn't matter where a match would be held, he won't show anyhow. Everyone here knows it. Creeden, you already lost when you made a match and didn't show. You lost, period!He also says he wanted to fight Asshida with $50,000. Lol, like that fool ever saw 50K at once in his life. Give me a break. He has 50K, yet he can't even afford to send Barron back his $1,000? Refunding that money would result in him getting back his film footage, yet he would rather keep the cash and then complain that Barron still has the footage. Duh! Congrats on your recent good fortune Barron. Once again you are doing good and successful things with your life while the super smart Creeden sits on his butt all day reinventing the English language on the Internet. Yeah, he is going to go far too, lol. Pathetic.