Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Hey Redneck " NO HOLDS BARRED " what are you chicken, The UFC is not the essence of the martial arts its a game with rules. I deal in street survival. If you man enough except my terms of combat but you won't your a coward. Don't worry Barron you'll some day get your shot at me.

I never backed out of any challenge I don't want a referee or anybody to pull me off of you your the coward and the fraud.

Fuck your wife, oh that right your not. You cheated and she lives in Evansville and your in Gulfport and Winter Haven. Somebody other than you is warming her sheets

See guys Barron and Floyd say Im fake, but why do they want it ssssoooooo bad. Go to Bullshido and start a thread about me I bet it goes no were. I have a friend who went to talk to Ernie Camp and he stated to him that you bought your black belt,lol

How about these posts, you were selling stuff that Ashida Kim couldn't sell because of copyright infringement in the 2005 cease and desist, so that copyright infringement. Jerk-off.

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out of print Ashida kim titles
Have alot of out of print stuff from ashida kim I am an affid collector but looking to sell some stuff Alot of what I have is out of print or contents in it have been removed from them now due to legal letigation with count dante and others. all have the original content in which it was printed years ago and all are in good shape. if anyone is interested you can email me at for details on each. have posted some items on ebay.

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Count Dante Kata Dante
I also have count dante Books and VIDs on Kata dante In my collection That are no longer available if any one is interested. I am Selling some of my stuff. After collecting for over 30 years I have found that I have several copies of the same stuff. I am looking to sell some of it.