Monday, April 21, 2008


First of all Billy lost you because of Jurisdiction in Massachusetts don't worry Barron he's coming for you in Indiana . So hide your wife she'll definitely thinking about Billys return. This is a guy who swears he's not from Winter Haven Fl and doesn't know Radford Davis but he still goes to train people in that small city. This guys father is Deusel Berto a guy who fought in Japan in like a WWF type wrestling. Barron only trains his friends that's it like Ashida Kim . With a 14-5-1- record I guess he needs all the help he can get. AND I'LL BET AGAINST HIM WITH A TRAINER LIKE YOU HOW CAN HE WIN , YOU CAN'T EVEN KEEP YOUR WIFE. AND YOU TOLD ME THAT BARRON. Thats why she lives in Evansville and you live in Winter Haven and work in Gulfport Mississippi. What about all the cheating you told me about and your heart problem.
So your training you friends son , big deal. In the real world a guy like me would take a 150lbs fighter and snap him like a fuckin twig. This guy would be wearing make-up in prison and have a bloodied ass for a pack of cigarettes . So try again Barron.
Barron your so out classed the best you can do is your friends son. Is he doing the fighting for you Barron,lol
Deusel Berto picture is on the bottom of this page

Barron you must make the trip from Gulfport Mississippi to Winter Haven often, considering you told the court you,ve never been their ASSHOLE

Born into a fighting family, Berto was raised to be a MMA star. His father, Dieuseul Berto is a boxing, wrestling and karate expert who competed as a professional mixed martial artist in Japan and now runs a martial arts academy in Florida.

James Berto
James Edson Berto
Little Tiger
Pro Record:
5' 6"
Home City:
Winter Haven
Home State:
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