Friday, April 25, 2008


I've told you all that I've researched all of Dante/Keehans religion and personal story way before Floyd touched his first film. His religion as a fine Irish catholic boy turned to the darkside when he was introduced to Marc Lully, Lully the porno shop owner was into some alful shit, I'm glad hes dead and gone. This guys is responsible for alot of mother daughters and sons from coming home.

A good friend from German town back in the day, knew a guy in the O.T.O Thahuli lodge in Pa. Who sent me this letter and its contents , it is to graphic to post, but I say this drinking semen to get the essence of life is quite fucked, and killing little kids for blood purity, and gay sex magic, is also wrong. Floyd Webb knew a girl who went to the club and some quite fucked things happened to her.

Floyd Webb knows what went on in the Choronzon Club he had a lady friend that went their. Ask Floyd what happened to her.

This is Reuben Clymers Medical degree from Chicago. He was the head of the A.M.O.R.C in America and a close personal friend of Keehans father. See Keehan was well versed in the secret societies by his father way before he was even an adult.Floyd Webb needs to do more research because it doesn't include his teachings in the arts, see spirtuality and the martial arts go hand in hand. Floyd is missing this part on his faith because it was a big part of his life. Wheather you like it or not. By the way Keehan was a mason .
This is one of Keehan own books a first edition and their are several more A.M.O.R.C. and the occult sciences books . I met with one of the Grand Masters of the O.T.O. in 2007 and this guy knew Keehan very well, this individual is 75 and still kicking in Pa. When asked of Bertrauix he became quite irate and when I told him that Bertrauix was in a movie about Keehan . He said this to me that its like having "Charlie Manson as a poster boy for child care".

In one of Keehans letters he make reference to a lodge in Illinois, I can't find it it doesn't exist anymore their a park were the lodge once stood. I found out later that the lodge was burned down in the 60's by rioters in Chicago.

It doesn't matter if you like me or not the truth is the truth. And Floyd needs to start telling the truth.

We have the truth and we will take what we know as fact, and when Floyd Webb releases the movie we will use our infomation to discredit Floyd's film as bullshit, and we all know what bullshit Keehans friends are telling . They betrayed Keehan and are not telling the truth about the man personally because it will expose them as the asshole betrayers and drug addicts and murders they are.