Tuesday, April 1, 2008


This is me on the left I've lived with Keehan have you Floyd. You met him once in your life Floyd. I lived the martial arts all my life I've trained for over 30 years constantly, so really I should call my self Master, but I don't believe in titles. I knew Keehan personally as a child Christa use to babysit me when I was at the school. my mother and Billys mother have tons of picture of Christa and John.

So before you go off have cocked from your frustrating tirades Floyd remember this, you and your ignorance turned this around because you were tainted by jealous people from Chicago who
clouded your judgement to do a proper deal. IE Barron Shepperd.

You have to realize that were the real deal and the history of all this can't be change by a court outcome. Billy is the Supreme Grand Master of the Black Dragon Fighting Society and theirs nothing you can do about it. People want the truth. And your not telling the truth.

You know why I'm doing this , its because so many people pimp themselves to get cash from Keehan after his so called death. First it was Joe Lewis in 77 and then Mas Ayoub in the early 80's and then old Radford Davis from then on. First I don't care about Floyd and his movie he always whines about that , about stopping it who cares its not factually accurate. See I was their in the last years of Keehans life I knew what went on . How do you think I know how to make Navy Grog that's all John Keehan drank and he smoked alot of weed. I was kinda a version of Henry Hill in goodfellas getting the guys drinks.

People seem to think that I'm controlled by Billy fuck Billy. People seem to think that I can be controlled, I'm only telling the truth see the people who were their know I'm telling the truth. You have an obligation as a documentary filmmaker to be factually correct thats all. Floyd webb seem to think that his lawyers don't have an opinion of him and what he did. These people are intellectually sound and they can see Floyd and Barron and Radfords bullshit from far away. First and fore most their lawyers and they get paid to fight the Constitution and the Us Civil Code. Stanford University paid alot of money to get their minds into their fellowship, see fair use is a hole in the 1st amendment. These people are Jedi and they have my respect.

On Chicago Joe Dorado, Mike Felkoff and Lawrence Day .

1. Joe Dorado was never mentioned not once in John Keehans school role's from 1965 to 1971 not in the WKF nor the BDFS. He was never mentioned at all. If he knows poison hand show me one of the 7 entrances. And I'll shut up
2. John Keehan never trained with Jimmy Lee in San Francisco. from 1959 to 1964 he was with Trias and Parker. Not in all the evidence that I see and and what I know for fact. he never trained with him.
3. Mas Tamura when Keehan went back after being Kicked out of the USKA, Keehan did not train with Tamura, until Russel Brown who was training with Tamura at the time made the introductions.
4. Woodrow Edgell founder of Ju-te I have respect for the man. I've trained in his system all my life and I'm ranked a godan 5thdan in Ju-te. What happened to that system their it died Floyd never even mentioned it in his blog. I have no idea why he would throw in with these guys this puzzles me.
5. Doug Dwyer Keehan personal friend . Who really turned on Keehan after Konsevics death. This guy know exactly whats going on he knew everything. See Dwyer knows the truth hands down and I mean the dark truth.
6. Mike Felkoff I don't even need to comments on him LIAR, COWARD
7. Lawrence Day see #6
8. Russel Brown RESPECT
9. Ray Cooper RESPECT
10 Jimmie Jones RESPECT
11 Konsevic RESPECT
12 Bertuiax Keehand so called religious leader a homosexual boy lover, Thats a positive one
Floyd and you got John Patricio your boy and henchman putting Billy and Me in gay Porno videos
13 Marc Lully porno store owner and boy lover who ran theatres on state street in Chicago
See when I look at the Dojo War, Felkoff and Day are just a responsible as Keehan in the death of Konsevic . But they don't want to talk about the truth, so come and sue me i can prove it all.

Why am I making Floyd mad, Isn't it funny that their all from Chicago trying to cash in on a guy they all betrayed, when he needed him them the most. Floyd says that their all businessmen were their credentials, or are you going to post another diploma from William V Aguiar Jr's 10th dan diploma.

In closing I don't care about Floyd and his movie and the fakes that he has in the so called documentary. Also Floyd was warned not to come here, why what did we do. Floyd get over your blackmail thing you tried to get everything from everybody else but from Billy. Your the one with un-clean hands in this. Also brandy Karl tried to get a declaratory judgement before the end of discovery and that when Floyd's mental status was in question from the judge. You might not have the minutes of court but we do.

So before you get into hooker killing and mafia hitmen and robberies, remember idiot who your writing about. So get a clue and grow up. You know nothing of Keehan and his life, You hearing it from the people who fucked him over and thats the truth and everybody know it.