Saturday, April 5, 2008


Listen its about lineage, one of Keehans black belts was in Ju-te and a master certificate in Bo Ki Bo. It doesn't matter what happens or what is said, you make the accusations and we back it up with paperwork. Sorry you loose again, theirs a lot you guys don't now. I'm part of the Black Dragon Fighting Society that people want to forget about I guess, so be it but were the real deal.
Theirs alot that isn't known
Woodrow Edgell nows those diplomas are authentic from over 40 years ago. This is between me Billy and Joe Dorado and Master Edgell and no one else, you all read the e-mail. Saying he hasn't seen him in a long time and now we find out he was spoon fed by Edgell all of his adult life, come on guys grown up. I keep all my ranks at 5th dan the last of the fighting ranks. You guys were not ready for this did ya.
I still have a blank perfect Ju-te card with Woodrow Edgells signature on it. Also the diplomas that Billy Jr has and my father and several other black belts of high rank have Woodrow Edgells face right in the center of them. Look their authentic like it or not. I have still 550 copies of this diplomas. And I personally gave out about 600 registered certificates.
You dont want to know what Billy has the patches, and the ribbon on Dante jacket that is in Woodrow Edgells picture of on Flod Webbs blog .
I won't even go into the Mid-West black belts certificate we have. You guys don't know shit , Blame Keehan he gave out the first ranks, He was ranked high in Jute and a Masters certificate in Bo Ki Bo. So blame him for carrying Ju-te farther than its founder and Willian Jr taking it farther that that. hey were part of the lineage you guys are not. And you guys are not even been on a mat.
I bet you Woodrow Edgell is shaking his head guys. Hahahahahaha you didnt expect that. Master Edgell
Peace is a Lie. There is only PASSION.Through Passion, I gain Strength.Through Strength, I gain Power.Through Power, I gain Victory.Through Victory, My Chains are Broken.- Sith Code