Wednesday, April 9, 2008


You can't touch me at all Floyd, For one I'm a Rhode Island resident so no jurisdiction for you Fat Ass.

Floyd is a little chump with no balls who got his ass beat when he was a child. I'll keep writing and writing . Lets see the few little fags like Verne Gilbert Mr San Kyu , not even a black it a brown .

Mschremph I'll never be in trouble not from Floyd or any of you. I'm a hell of a lot smarter than all of you. It will never stop all I've ever done is tell the truth against all of you. And i exposed all of you for the fruits that you are. I'll never be stopped.

Its civil court not criminal jack offs, so many people are against the movie its funny . The "Green Dragons" don't want you to do it. I've been in contact with Gerald Warren for over a year and they have been watching you giving me info on you Floyd. Its funny that Floyd Webb is shut out of the Societies and the don't want anything to do with Fat Boy

Only 10 of you want the film to be done and thats it.

John "The King of Gay Porn" Patricio

Floyd Webb from the more tea sir tribe

Darrell Simon Mr steal my stuff but its ok nobody ever read them anyway.

Kung Fu pimp such beautiful zines, to bad none of them are yours.

Mike Scremph Uh I work in a nuclear power plant, sweeping floors is profitable

Radford Davis the fake martial arts master with no diplomas and no lineage, Ya he'll be good for the movie.

Barron the redneck drug dealer Shepperd I don't know Ashida kim and but he's my family. But I know his wife would love me more than him.

Ron Collins Ashida Kims sodomite and all around Blow Job.

Ok theirs only 8 of you enough for a Floyd circle jerk.

You can't touch me at all Jerk Offs, I'm not a Plaintiff no one can level sanctions against me. Wait Floyd will never get funding I guarantee it Chump, Queer , sodomite , jack off . All I do is right a blog.

Wait until you see the blog I'm righting about Radford and Floyd your gonna love it . Well its about Ashida and Webb love its funny as hell. I'm making a gay porn about them .