Monday, April 21, 2008


I love this Floyd and his little bitches sit on John Patricio's locked board and bash me and Billy, its so funny none of them are martial artists. Heres some of the topics they discuss. Also Floyd I took my father to this in Janaury. My father loves Oyama tournaments. Which ones have you been to Floyd your black ass is never out of Chicago. Martial artists respect what I'm doing . Trust me I have 1000's of support e-mails . Remember Floyd they all have copyright and trademarks , you, Barron, Radford Davis, Patricio are all fakes and losers that never trained a day in their lives. Your the fakes, the liars and the deceivers. Why do I have 2.8 million hits more than you. Because me and Billy are the real deal.

I have fought all my life in tournaments, were did you hear that from Patricio between crack hits.

See my fifteen minutes are just starting but you don't know that Floyd, Patricio, Barron , Davis. See I've already made Floyd famous in the film festivals as a loser and a thief

Floyd film will never get off the ground , my goal no funding for you.

This is from Floyd Webb on the board,

Floyd Webb
Apr 20th, 2008 - 6:06 PM
Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is Creeden is aware that his 15 minutes are up. No one really cares what he says. He is desperate and is grasping at old lies that remain lies. He will never man up and give anyone any kind of satisfaction so we should all just continue to not react to anything he says. Easy for me to say definitely. But it has got to be quite sobering to realize if he EVER turns up to any martial arts events he may not receive the kind of reception befitting his megalomania cal attitude. I have been told he has not been to a martial arts event in over 25 years anyway. It is all bluster and bluff. Ignore the guy, please.

This is how I fucked Floyd big time, their a guy named Sgt Borge a really good friend of mine. He s Army Ranger who was in Somalia and was a advisor to the movie Black Hawk Down. He knows and advised this documentary filmmaker Mark Bowden who did the book Black Hawk Down and the movie. When we spoke he said that all the documentaries that he has done he has never used Fair Use. He states that bad blood in a documentary leaves crucial information out of the picture. He states that anyone who uses "Fair Use" shouldn't be in the business. Doing a documentary is about telling the truth. He also sent me a autographed copy of his documentary " Killing Pablo"

Now this is a documentary. Floyd doesn't have the balls to do a straight tell all Dante film thats why he will fail.

Heres Pablo 10 minutes after his death , hes the guy laying down
The beginning of the documentary