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Well Well Well were at an impasse here guys, you guys say one thing and I say another. People say one thing and do another.

1. Lets talk about diplomas for a minute as you can see ours, I loved Ju-te I loved teaching it so much I got a black belt when I was very young and I taught it for years. If you want to get techinical with this situation I taught Ju-te to my friends and students who are ranked Black belt in Ju-te for over twenty years. I really think that were intertwined in familiar styles and concepts revolving the arts. Billy Jr has over 14,000 registered Ju-te students over the years. And when I was teaching this particular art at my own school their were another 600 regeisted students . I believe we've taken Ju-te as far as Joe Dorado.

2. You joined the BDFS international and after Felkoff used Master Aguiar Jr diplomas and duped it. You all knew that Joe Dorado has lied to Billy everytime he tried to reach out to you in 2005.

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Friday, May 6, 2005 8:04 PM
I have not seen Master Edgel in several years and do not know how to
reach him. I will keep your e-mail and let you know if I hear from him.
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EmailText: Hello

My name is MasterWilliam Aguiar

I hope this message reaches you in hope to get some info on a man you
have trained with my fathrt had recived training and rank from him in a
style called ju-te founded by Master Woodrow Edgell.

the two meet in the 60s they both had beed freinds with Jhon Keehan aka
Count Dante of the Black Dragon Fighting Society World karate Federation
and earler the United States Katate Assosation...

in my up bringing though the martial arts his system of
akido/ one i had learned among others i was hoping to find
out if he is in good health or evan alive...

I would be greatful for any info you have or any way i could contact him

thank you

Master William Aguiar of the B.D.F.S./W.K.F.

Why would Joe Dorado do this if their was no BAD BLOOD.
See every time Billy reached out to one of you , people lied to him outright. So why don't you people say anything to Floyd about ruining someone who has taken your style farther than any of your students to date. Everybody says nothing about bad blood and its show's. See Chicago doesn't want to include us in their little movie. See this is all bullshit from you guys. We're really accomplished martial artists.

And the people Dante chose as a successor to his lineage and system, are you arguing with Floyd about ruing the lineage and succesor to the Dante system

3. On the BDFS International, see this doesn't fly with me, you and Joe Dorado Have joined this organization to under mind the true successor of the Dante System . I didn't make you do this you did this at your own accord. So you choose side with this, the weight of this is on your shoulders , Reverend do you want me to quote scripture on betrayal and not standing by a friend in need.

4. Keehan poison hand learning was from a guy in 1959 named Choke Yuk Chung a friend of Adriano Emperado. While attending a seminar with Parker and Trias. I now this threw paper work and pictures and his own documentation.

5. On poison hand someone need to show me the seven entrances to poison hand, and we have Dante on film doing them. So Dorado must know them as he is a Chuan Fa Warrior. This must be easy for him to do. I'm not going to sit back and let people take pop shots at us in Chicago.

6. Floyds antic fall on deaf ears, I respect Edgell tremendously. We were ostrasized from day one in Chicago because of jealously and treachery towards Keehan. Wear were Keehan friends when he needed them the most. Gone , and he came here to a fresh start. Keehan and Dante they were the same all alone.