Monday, April 14, 2008


He has a arrest sheet a mile long from petty theft, to know drug user and all around scum bag. Hes a sad individual who throws away a relationship based on money, but a person with his record and intellect Billy should have known. He threw in with Floyd Webb these are the kind of people that Floyd has working for him and doing research. Mr Patricio definitely wouldn't pass a CORI check. In one of his cases it was just short of Leveling him as a sex offender, It just goes to show you what kind of people are involved in Floyd Webbs documentary. This is the gay who made a gay porn of me and Billy

This is a criminal mind and the mind of someone who needs to be locked up. All of his smarts he thinks he has, but let it be known he repeated freshman year of high school 4 times, but he says he was to smart for the teachers. Also a couple of high speed chases threw Providence R.I.

Also posting our faces on a gay porn picture and making this video, It only proves to people that you are demented and GAY for looking at Gay Porn at all.

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