Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Look your really lucky I'm not coming after you in court , because we would be in your jurisdiction smart ass. I'm smarter enough to know that this should prove that I have no input in the court case , but laughing at all of this stupid shit. See I never advised Billy because I would have added these links.

This is from your web-site and dojo press youhave the same books and pictures, everybody knows that your Ashida Kims bitch , wrong jurisdiction, do you want me to post your motion for jurisdiction I think it number seven on justia.


Dojo Press


Patricio knows how stubborn Billy is , he also knows that he was talking to Webb and talking to Billy at the same time and never mentioned it at all.

And to the dummy's out their, the competition flyer's they were handed out at the events in the 60's they were never in magazine circulation. You told me Barron about the 7500, and you paid for 10 seconds of film that you didn't have.

And everybody remembers the You -Tube videos that said " Property of Ashida Kim and Barron Shepperd and the videos are in public domain"

You guys already had the footage , Do you really think I was going to let you fuck me over Nah I don't think so. No signatures no deal.

Barron already had Billys DVD , here's the proof "In the Men in tights Video" Barron Shepperds face is at 1:08 and 27 seconds , the counter counts down. So he had the footage in the DVD set. This proves that you a scum bag liar.