Sunday, April 6, 2008


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Ok I'll bite we take a dead style that Dante himself ranked William Jr to 9th degree on April 23, 1975 .This was when Dante signed over all systems and intellectual property pertain to him and his system. See from what we see Edgell and Dante were business partners .Hey blame them , I took a fuckin beating for that rank. I 'm just trying to open with this.

And Floyd I never said I gave anybody rank with Edgells name on that I highly respect the man. But until I hear from Edgell it all falls on deaf ears. I did say that i had a card Dante gave my father that is signed in Edgells signature.

Hey in the e-mail which Joe dorado blatantly lies to Bill that he hasn,t seen him in years, only to find out he was milk feed by Edgell himself. But you don't speak about that, you don't speak of the Bogus Felkoff diploma.

Your all a bunch of pussie's. Until i hear from Edgell this means nothing to me. Dante ranked Billy 9th Dan in the system. Go ask Dante about that.

Floyd Webb slanders Billy and me again, Hey Ashida Your a pussy and Barron are pussies