Thursday, April 3, 2008


Floyd you don't have the true, your trying to bend it for your will. The red book has his diary and all religious items . You can't put it down because its true. those diplomas are part of the diplomas that Keehan gave Billy Jr thats backs up with transfer of the intellectual property.

All Floyd has is Fair use and the judge will determine how much Fair Use if Floyd entitled to. If Billy III didn't have a case then the judge would have thrown it out if Billy wasn't the owner.

What Floyds pissed of at is that he can't disprove what I'm saying. I may bust balls but what I've said about Dante is true. We have history farther than Floyds three years of research. look at the grocery store this was a fron to run some cash bossiness from also a storage house for weapons' and his matches, cigarettes, and other things.

Seriously Billy has enough shit for a 3 DVD set. i mean he has stupid shit to, like lighting cans from Lully.

But seriously he has the Trias shit, Trias diplomas pictures of Trais and if Trais was a racist , he took a lot of picture with black people. A lot of picture with a black guy named Harris. I mean he has a lot of the Trais letters.

The video footage is tremendous, I tell Billy it needs to be in a museum, hw has footage of keean and Edmund Parker that incredible a young Keehan and mean young. Doing Kempo for about an hour. The video footage would set the project back years. You can't deny the story and the truth behind Keehans life. Billy has the truth I'm sorry.

You seem to think that we sat on this shit and didn't do no research into this. We've had this info for years. I looked into dante's life in the 80's myself my proof Is undeniable, Billy Jr had a school here for 40 years a bonafide Karate school that made money.And it had thousand in the House of Dante and the Black Dragon Fighting Society It was left to the father for a reason. No one in Chicago was excepted into Keehans life after the Dojo war. Only Russel Brown was the only one who understood the situation.

This is Keehans personal stuff it undeniable, and what pisses you off Floyd is that you can't have it you blew it. And you screwed me over my deal and I got screwed by you slander about someone 81 year old mother. You reap what you sew Floyd

You could be mad all you want, remember this Floyd your holding Billy to signature on the right, but it more than you have . Billy will reap the profits on e way or another, because everybody nows who the rightful owner is.