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Wow my head is spinning , I got a Hudson pass which is really expensive it gave me access to all the short narratives and short documentary completion films you can't see them all. I sat in a seminar hosted by Martin Scorsese and Spike Lee and a lot of people who are really not known to me . But the exploits in cinema really got my juices flowing. Ester Robinson film film uncharted waters really was well done. Its a story of Danny Williams a friends of Andy Warhols factory. Williams disappeared in 1966 never to be seen again. The film reminded me of Dante/Keehan, but she did it with them remembering Williams on how bad they disliked him she still shot it. What moved me about it was Williams was her uncle. She cried before the introduction to the film. She never met him.

The gala event was awesome all the New York night life was their. I met some really interesting people at the bar. Its really interesting how people talked to you with a pass with your picture on it. I got to talking with people and they asked what I was doing their and I explained to them that I wanted to get into the film business. They asked that what do you want to do, I explained alot to them and made several contacts . Then I showed them the footage and explained the fair use case and they said their is alot of Filmmakers good and bad like any other type of career.

I will be sending samples to several New York based movie companies who are intrested in doing a film on John Keehan. This Japanese filmmaker was really intrested Shunji Iwai he was on the juries on the Sundance Film Festival , dam the guy could drink warm Saki. We talked martial arts and the Japanese culture. Good things coming for the Black Dragon Fighting Society.

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I'm in the original trailer dumbass. That's right you were the head spokesman for the BDFS and you didn't now that. Your such a loser . I know you were nothing but a party buddy when the school was closed and you were never part of the group no way you don't have the moxie. Your a product of Fall River sub culture , junkies , and low lifes and all around street people.We are the real deal your the fakes and the wannabe's. I've had students and schools in Providence. Where's yours Barron and John Patricio's neither one of you spent anytime on the mat at all. Let alone teach anyone any tangible for someone to learn in the art of Self Defense. Your both shams and and fakes, your trying to make a name for yourselves from a legitimate martial artists. Say what you want about Billy he is a legitimate martial artists. And Supreme Grand Master of the Dante System.And can anyone show me 1 of the 7 entrances to poison hand , I know I keep asking but no can show me.

I'm at the 40 second mark kicking the board out of the air, what do you guys have nothing

Black Dragon Fighting Society - Watch more free videos


You can say what ever you want on a blog its protected by the 1st amendment as free speech . See barron you forget what court is , its what you can prove and thats it. You know what went on. When your bullshit lines were just to hard to swallow. I shut you up big time. Just remember this statement " I gave it to Ashida Kim were partners " . But if you had such a hard case and you had the phone records I would be screwed but I know I didn't do it.And thats why I break your ball because you can't prove it. And then the post from Floyd Webb backing you up. Can you say accessory, breach of contract , slander, defamation.
Late Night Calls to 81 year old mothers?Part of the investors decision was triggered by someone making a call to the investors 81 year old mother in the middle of the night telling "your son is dead." We do not know who made the call, we levelled no accusations. But it came after a heated argument between the investor and John Creeden III who told him how long his arms could reach and his associations with the Irish Mafia in Florida. This was deleted from my blog a few days ago. But I am putting it back after seeing John Creeden III announced online I gave someone $7500.00 for images I got off of He says he is going for a job in law enforcement. Go figure.The bulk of the footage sent was of Bill Aguiar, Jr. Footage I obtained long ago by going to and using the "wayback machine. " Footage that is on existing BDFS DVDs on Ebay and for mail order. Click on this and get for free what they charged someone $1000.00 for.The only new footage was the wrestling footage.

But I'm gonna let Billy have his day in court in your jurisdiction. Hey, he started this whole fiasco . He has a solid case against you, just not in Massachusetts. He can prove conspiracy he just pleaded it wrong that's all Barron. Who gives a shit what I say, it what you can prove, and you can't prove shit against me. As for your wife I remember conversations with you about how jealous of Wendy you are. Sticks and Stones you to emotional Barron was your honor bruised or something. OOOHHHH you wife must have cheated, I see said the blind man

You all have something to say about me, but none of you guys ever met me. You don't know what I look like, who I've trained with or anything else. Its 6 of you bad mouthing me , their a whole lot of people supporting me and Billy. Your nothing Barron nothing, all you do is sit behind a keyboard, I never seen you in the ring how about posting one of your fight on you-tube, pussy.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Barron the weasel that you are will try a DCMA take down to try to take the image down. Its funny that you guys respond so fast. Barron you did tell me about a heart condition , just like you told me about you being an MP and you worked for the sheriffs dept in Florida, or did I just make that up too. See Barron installs Lite -Tech systems he automates houses, he states that he works on the water and the guy that owns theses mansions their are five of them ,that he works on. The owner invented the Zamboni machine. So much for Katrina relief.

Do you know what Barron paid for the wrestler just the wrestler they had the footage way before me , But when I wanted a sign agreement they said no this is the same thing Floyd is trying to do with Billy. No signature no deal, end of story. And do you have you mothers phone records your gonna need them soon. Your the bullshitter and you know it Barron. You make me laugh.



Barron you bitch about phone calls , how about a tap on the shoulder this time. Barron this is going to end for you real soon. No fight I'm going to give you a beating, see I'm closer to you than you think. Your going to need a stunt double, I'll teach you how to fall face first . Winter Haven has some good food.
Billy says your wife is yearning for his return. The reason I won't fight Barron is that he's handicapped he has a heart problem, he has a tachycardia problem Barron has to take medication. He couldn't pass a sanctioned physical so all of Barron whining , he couldn't get into a ring even if he wanted to. I looked at Barron Shepherds medical history and he couldn't pass the physical.
Sorry Barron I had to expose you medical condition. So to fight a sanctioned match you have to be 100% healthy and Barron isn't. Barron has a bad heart and that's why he's impotent and that's why he can't satisfy his wife. Billy calls her "panty gravy" LOL

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I've told you all that I've researched all of Dante/Keehans religion and personal story way before Floyd touched his first film. His religion as a fine Irish catholic boy turned to the darkside when he was introduced to Marc Lully, Lully the porno shop owner was into some alful shit, I'm glad hes dead and gone. This guys is responsible for alot of mother daughters and sons from coming home.

A good friend from German town back in the day, knew a guy in the O.T.O Thahuli lodge in Pa. Who sent me this letter and its contents , it is to graphic to post, but I say this drinking semen to get the essence of life is quite fucked, and killing little kids for blood purity, and gay sex magic, is also wrong. Floyd Webb knew a girl who went to the club and some quite fucked things happened to her.

Floyd Webb knows what went on in the Choronzon Club he had a lady friend that went their. Ask Floyd what happened to her.

This is Reuben Clymers Medical degree from Chicago. He was the head of the A.M.O.R.C in America and a close personal friend of Keehans father. See Keehan was well versed in the secret societies by his father way before he was even an adult.Floyd Webb needs to do more research because it doesn't include his teachings in the arts, see spirtuality and the martial arts go hand in hand. Floyd is missing this part on his faith because it was a big part of his life. Wheather you like it or not. By the way Keehan was a mason .
This is one of Keehan own books a first edition and their are several more A.M.O.R.C. and the occult sciences books . I met with one of the Grand Masters of the O.T.O. in 2007 and this guy knew Keehan very well, this individual is 75 and still kicking in Pa. When asked of Bertrauix he became quite irate and when I told him that Bertrauix was in a movie about Keehan . He said this to me that its like having "Charlie Manson as a poster boy for child care".

In one of Keehans letters he make reference to a lodge in Illinois, I can't find it it doesn't exist anymore their a park were the lodge once stood. I found out later that the lodge was burned down in the 60's by rioters in Chicago.

It doesn't matter if you like me or not the truth is the truth. And Floyd needs to start telling the truth.

We have the truth and we will take what we know as fact, and when Floyd Webb releases the movie we will use our infomation to discredit Floyd's film as bullshit, and we all know what bullshit Keehans friends are telling . They betrayed Keehan and are not telling the truth about the man personally because it will expose them as the asshole betrayers and drug addicts and murders they are.

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Once again their ramblings are in a locked forum with 12 people in forum , they yell and curse but nobodies listening. John Patricio the once great defender of the BDFS is on the side of Ashida Kim. Patricio 50,000 is nothing to me cripple I dont see you walking around with any money what so ever "Ha I said walking can you do that John, but I bet you can raise the straw to your nose Mr. 4 years freshman. And Aubrey says hi she thinks your an fuckin ass. Shes cute I know she wouldn't throw stones at you. You pushed alot of coke up her nose for those pictures Patricio.

And Mr Shepperd hows your life insurance is it paid up. I love it , the boy who thinks like a man. Hey is Wendy sexy in a thong all oiled up . Barron are your kids your are you sure, from were you come from the could be Radfords. I heard about you Rednecks a town like Winter Haven 1600 people and 5 last names . Barron you could be successful if you won the lottery.

Apr 23rd, 2008 - 6:06 AM
Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is Creeden if you met me in the street you would soil yourself. Keep telling your lies and living out your fantasy of being a great martial artist. Have nt seen nothing from you but talk, coward. Trying your best to yet again tie me in with Ashida Kim. There is nothing there ass wipe. But keep going. There is no ownership or partnership or business arrangement with the man. This is old and tired. If some thing was there it would nt have been thrown out of court. Why dont you post the court filings where I make those statements to the judge.You say the movie is about Ashida Kim. I say he will be lucky to get about 20 to 30 seconds in the documentary. Floyd has interviewed a sh it load of people. But if you actually knew anything about the filmaking world you would know this.You ran your mouth on the net about fighting me until someone called you on it. I was willing to keep quiet about it but you kept going then finally you got exposed and someone mentioned that you did nt show up. Now your running around trying to figure out some way to do your damage control. There is nothing you can do to explain that away. YOU made that grandiose stand on bullshido. Then folded up like a lawn chair.Your a self destructive person you hurt yourself and those around you. You cannot help yourself it is in your nature. You are mad at the world for not giving you your due. But you dont realize you have to work to attain it. When an opportunity presents itself you are unable to take advantage of it. Your fear of not measuring up is to great. You got a lottery mentality you think all you got to do is get lucky and manna will fall from the sky. Your attempts at extortion didn't work. You failed to realize I will go to the ends of the earth and to hell and back to protect what is mine.You did not show you got Browning all fired up to film the match and you chickened out. Now you want a no holds barred match you want to do it in the street you have no intentions of meeting me any where.Face to face mano-e-mano is not your style. Never has been. You are in one word a wanna be. you have never done anything because you lack ability, motivation and drive.You want to steal my books. Guess you dont have the knowledge to do work of your own. So you have to steal some one elses. I got no problems meeting you any where. Your the one who seemingly is unwilling to do it. You did nt show back then and you want show any where now.Your a joke. I mention that I am training a fighter who fights on show time and you post an entry about going and WATCHING a tournament. Geuss that is your speed.DONT SEE YOU DOING ANYTHINGBy the way my phone rang yesterday and I may be working with a stunt company training their stunt people. Guys life is great.They say success is the best revenge.

John Patricio
Apr 23rd, 2008 - 8:00 PM
Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is Gotta love how Creeden is now saying that he wanted an alley fight again. I remember very distinctly him saying that before. I remember Barron accepting. Then I remember Creeden changing his mind and saying that he wanted a sanctioned match in a ring so that he wouldn't be able to hurt Barron too badly. So Barron said OK again and that's the fight that Creeden didn't show for. Now he is saying that he wanted the alley fight after all. Well why the hell did he accept a ring match? He is obviously full of crap. It doesn't matter where a match would be held, he won't show anyhow. Everyone here knows it. Creeden, you already lost when you made a match and didn't show. You lost, period!He also says he wanted to fight Asshida with $50,000. Lol, like that fool ever saw 50K at once in his life. Give me a break. He has 50K, yet he can't even afford to send Barron back his $1,000? Refunding that money would result in him getting back his film footage, yet he would rather keep the cash and then complain that Barron still has the footage. Duh! Congrats on your recent good fortune Barron. Once again you are doing good and successful things with your life while the super smart Creeden sits on his butt all day reinventing the English language on the Internet. Yeah, he is going to go far too, lol. Pathetic.


Hey Redneck " NO HOLDS BARRED " what are you chicken, The UFC is not the essence of the martial arts its a game with rules. I deal in street survival. If you man enough except my terms of combat but you won't your a coward. Don't worry Barron you'll some day get your shot at me.

I never backed out of any challenge I don't want a referee or anybody to pull me off of you your the coward and the fraud.

Fuck your wife, oh that right your not. You cheated and she lives in Evansville and your in Gulfport and Winter Haven. Somebody other than you is warming her sheets

See guys Barron and Floyd say Im fake, but why do they want it ssssoooooo bad. Go to Bullshido and start a thread about me I bet it goes no were. I have a friend who went to talk to Ernie Camp and he stated to him that you bought your black belt,lol

How about these posts, you were selling stuff that Ashida Kim couldn't sell because of copyright infringement in the 2005 cease and desist, so that copyright infringement. Jerk-off.

Registered MemberPosts: 1(3/9/06 8:21)Reply
out of print Ashida kim titles
Have alot of out of print stuff from ashida kim I am an affid collector but looking to sell some stuff Alot of what I have is out of print or contents in it have been removed from them now due to legal letigation with count dante and others. all have the original content in which it was printed years ago and all are in good shape. if anyone is interested you can email me at for details on each. have posted some items on ebay.

Registered MemberPosts: 2(3/10/06 6:35)Reply
Count Dante Kata Dante
I also have count dante Books and VIDs on Kata dante In my collection That are no longer available if any one is interested. I am Selling some of my stuff. After collecting for over 30 years I have found that I have several copies of the same stuff. I am looking to sell some of it.

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Hey Radford save your pennies your still gonna need them when we come to your jurisdiction. I know that you only make three hundred a month and take care of an ailing mother . That you couldn't even prove existed. You the biggest scum bag from way back , your a fuckin jack-off. I love the madolio e-mails I supposedly sent you with no e-mail address on them that was funny. Your the fraud and the fake and you've been exposed over and over as a fraud and a fake black belt.

I just love the way you think you vindicated by jurisdiction. How about when I challenged you you never replied and I was putting up 50,000 for you and your three buddies. But you were the no show. The only reason I won't fight Barron is this I want "NO HOLDS BARRED" until then. I want a waiver for damages, I won't kill Barron but 2 or 3 months in the hospital is suitable for me.

You guys never expected to meet a guy like me, I don't fuck in care at all what happens. I will tear grapple and snap Barron into pieces. He is in with Berto being a corner man is no big deal, please get something original. But keep it up its all part of the over all picture. Thank for the in-put.

Ashida Kim
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 Re: Falliver folds
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Quite so! Let's consider this: Creeden talked his buddy into filing a lawsuit that had no merit. Creeden stole his buddy's film and sold it to Shepard. Creeden is the only one who has profited in any way from this debacle, and apparently no matter how many threats he makes to prove how demented he is, he doesn't have the balls to actually show up for a fight.
He has made such a fool of himself on other internet forums that even some of the worst of those guys have recognized themselves in his stupidity and banned him and even mellowed out a bit.
My only problem is this jackoff is still trying to stir up trouble and yet HE is never held accountable for it. But then, there are a lot more important things to be concerned with than this pitiful moron. Have no fear, karma will take care of him, and karma never fails, LOL
Ashida Kim


Look your really lucky I'm not coming after you in court , because we would be in your jurisdiction smart ass. I'm smarter enough to know that this should prove that I have no input in the court case , but laughing at all of this stupid shit. See I never advised Billy because I would have added these links.

This is from your web-site and dojo press youhave the same books and pictures, everybody knows that your Ashida Kims bitch , wrong jurisdiction, do you want me to post your motion for jurisdiction I think it number seven on justia.

Dojo Press

Patricio knows how stubborn Billy is , he also knows that he was talking to Webb and talking to Billy at the same time and never mentioned it at all.

And to the dummy's out their, the competition flyer's they were handed out at the events in the 60's they were never in magazine circulation. You told me Barron about the 7500, and you paid for 10 seconds of film that you didn't have.

And everybody remembers the You -Tube videos that said " Property of Ashida Kim and Barron Shepperd and the videos are in public domain"

You guys already had the footage , Do you really think I was going to let you fuck me over Nah I don't think so. No signatures no deal.

Barron already had Billys DVD , here's the proof "In the Men in tights Video" Barron Shepperds face is at 1:08 and 27 seconds , the counter counts down. So he had the footage in the DVD set. This proves that you a scum bag liar.

Monday, April 21, 2008


First of all Billy lost you because of Jurisdiction in Massachusetts don't worry Barron he's coming for you in Indiana . So hide your wife she'll definitely thinking about Billys return. This is a guy who swears he's not from Winter Haven Fl and doesn't know Radford Davis but he still goes to train people in that small city. This guys father is Deusel Berto a guy who fought in Japan in like a WWF type wrestling. Barron only trains his friends that's it like Ashida Kim . With a 14-5-1- record I guess he needs all the help he can get. AND I'LL BET AGAINST HIM WITH A TRAINER LIKE YOU HOW CAN HE WIN , YOU CAN'T EVEN KEEP YOUR WIFE. AND YOU TOLD ME THAT BARRON. Thats why she lives in Evansville and you live in Winter Haven and work in Gulfport Mississippi. What about all the cheating you told me about and your heart problem.
So your training you friends son , big deal. In the real world a guy like me would take a 150lbs fighter and snap him like a fuckin twig. This guy would be wearing make-up in prison and have a bloodied ass for a pack of cigarettes . So try again Barron.
Barron your so out classed the best you can do is your friends son. Is he doing the fighting for you Barron,lol
Deusel Berto picture is on the bottom of this page

Barron you must make the trip from Gulfport Mississippi to Winter Haven often, considering you told the court you,ve never been their ASSHOLE

Born into a fighting family, Berto was raised to be a MMA star. His father, Dieuseul Berto is a boxing, wrestling and karate expert who competed as a professional mixed martial artist in Japan and now runs a martial arts academy in Florida.

James Berto
James Edson Berto
Little Tiger
Pro Record:
5' 6"
Home City:
Winter Haven
Home State:
Home Country:


You can get a shirt with the code like this on it.

My friend got his software for your movie ready DeCss and CSS descramblers, this software breaks the code and it dumps it on a hard drive. Also he's got the Perl decryption code. And all the burners ready for you , I personally have 412 orders for your movie Floyd, can't wait.
So good luck fat boy, I'm also copying Barron Shepperd books for shipping and copying. You guys fucked with me and I'm fucking with you, do you know why because I can. And you guys can't stop me at all.
To all hackers this is how you hack Floyd Webb's movie, but you guys probably know how to all ready.
1. plain text via HTTP
The main protocol used on the web is HTTP. See to get DeCSS.
2. FTP
You can easily retrieve the DeCSS source code via anonymous FTP on
3. NNTP or e-mail
DeCSS can be posted on Usenet, directly in the message body (see <> or the copy on Deja).
Of course, you can do exactly the same using e-mail, but I didn't set up a system sending DeCSS by e-mail since it would probably have been quickly abused.
It seems that some moron spammed Usenet with the DeCSS source code. As a news administrator, I find this behaviour unacceptable. Usenet isn't a child's playground, there are a few rules one should follow so that it remains a nice place. So whoever did that, you should know it was a rather stupid idea, and doing it anonymously proves that you don't have the guts to fight the battle anyway.
4. hidden as HTML comments via HTTP
HTTP allows a few more ways to send data: if you are reading this page in a web browser, then you probably already downloaded DeCSS, since it is in this page's HTML comments (use your browser's view source function).
5. NNTP or e-mail (attached to the message)
You can also post DeCSS as an attachment, either on Usenet or by E-mail.
6. Gopher
Gopher can be considered the web's ancestor. You can get DeCSS on gopher:// Note: the gopher server is currently stopped because of a
buffer overflow. Thank you for your understanding. -->
7. IRC
On IRC, a DCC send is the common way to quickly transfer files. But DeCSS can also be put in the server's MOTD (message of the day). Try for instance the IRC server
8. CVS
CVS stands for "Concurrent Versions System" and is aimed at managing projects. It handles conflicts, concurrent works on the same file, and a lot of interesting things. Okay, actually if you have used it a bit, you will know it sucks, but we don't have anything else, and hopefully stuff like Subversion will work pretty soon.
So, to retrieve DeCSS with CVS, use the following commands:
cvs -d logincvs -d get decss
Of course, the CVS password is decss.
9. DNS (coolest hack)
DNS is a protocol mainly used to make correspondence between IP addresses and domain names. But one can also put information in it. To retrieve the DeCSS code, try this shell command:
for DVDs in Linux screw the MPAA and ; do dig $ ; done \ perl -ne 's/\.//g; print pack("H224",$1) if(/^x([^z]*)/)' gunzip
It should work with any sh-compatible shell, like bash, zsh, or plain old Posix shell. Users of brainf*cked shells such as csh should really consider using a proper shell.
This is my favourite hack. There used to be another version wandering on the Web; please don't use it, it used AXFR requests, which only work when you have direct connection to the Internet. This one is really better, because it also stays in every nameserver's cache for 31536000 seconds. That is, one year :)


I love this Floyd and his little bitches sit on John Patricio's locked board and bash me and Billy, its so funny none of them are martial artists. Heres some of the topics they discuss. Also Floyd I took my father to this in Janaury. My father loves Oyama tournaments. Which ones have you been to Floyd your black ass is never out of Chicago. Martial artists respect what I'm doing . Trust me I have 1000's of support e-mails . Remember Floyd they all have copyright and trademarks , you, Barron, Radford Davis, Patricio are all fakes and losers that never trained a day in their lives. Your the fakes, the liars and the deceivers. Why do I have 2.8 million hits more than you. Because me and Billy are the real deal.

I have fought all my life in tournaments, were did you hear that from Patricio between crack hits.

See my fifteen minutes are just starting but you don't know that Floyd, Patricio, Barron , Davis. See I've already made Floyd famous in the film festivals as a loser and a thief

Floyd film will never get off the ground , my goal no funding for you.

This is from Floyd Webb on the board,

Floyd Webb
Apr 20th, 2008 - 6:06 PM
Re: Creeden proves yet again how much of a low life he is Creeden is aware that his 15 minutes are up. No one really cares what he says. He is desperate and is grasping at old lies that remain lies. He will never man up and give anyone any kind of satisfaction so we should all just continue to not react to anything he says. Easy for me to say definitely. But it has got to be quite sobering to realize if he EVER turns up to any martial arts events he may not receive the kind of reception befitting his megalomania cal attitude. I have been told he has not been to a martial arts event in over 25 years anyway. It is all bluster and bluff. Ignore the guy, please.

This is how I fucked Floyd big time, their a guy named Sgt Borge a really good friend of mine. He s Army Ranger who was in Somalia and was a advisor to the movie Black Hawk Down. He knows and advised this documentary filmmaker Mark Bowden who did the book Black Hawk Down and the movie. When we spoke he said that all the documentaries that he has done he has never used Fair Use. He states that bad blood in a documentary leaves crucial information out of the picture. He states that anyone who uses "Fair Use" shouldn't be in the business. Doing a documentary is about telling the truth. He also sent me a autographed copy of his documentary " Killing Pablo"

Now this is a documentary. Floyd doesn't have the balls to do a straight tell all Dante film thats why he will fail.

Heres Pablo 10 minutes after his death , hes the guy laying down
The beginning of the documentary

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Floyd Webb
Apr 19th, 2008 - 12:23 PM
Re: Fall River = tired fantasy What did you do with the $7500 I already gave you? Are there even more valuable photo copies.

This is the type of person Floyd Webb is a thief and a liar. This is the type of guy who hangs with people who got their friend killed and they all have shady degrees in Chicago. And this proves that Floyd Webb threw Barron Shepperd gave John Patricio $7500 for the exclusive flyers to the 1960 tournaments, that Billy gave John Patricio for a book.

Barron Shepperd is a little pussy who has no balls, and when he has sex with his wife she secretly thinks of me , lol " Hey Barron you get that Gi tailored"

Saturday, April 19, 2008


From my vast archives I've come up with this document which he claims Aikido, Karate, and Jujitsu . Ok I bite. See I know its all about self promotion. Black belt rank was so hard to come by if you were not oriental.In the 50's and 60' it was on the endangered species list in a way.

From the time I was training as a young child a Judo guy never trained with a Kung Fu guy that was Taboo. I look at this document and see he was called a Shi Han in Ju-te.

Shihan is conferred on a martial artist who has been promoted by a particular Ryu with a teaching certification . This could be compared to a deacon or an elder in a church, or someone who is held in high esteem due to his knowledge or financial support of the ryu. This title is indicative of a station and totally indigenous to the Ryu. It is a honorary title sometime s translated to mean "Master Teacher" which would be a very loose translation but somewhat correct. It is usually given to someone within the Ryu for his total support of the Ryu; it does not necessarily mean he is the Master of the Art{ Note: In Today's Japan, to recieve this title you must have the rank of Godan and above in that particular Ryu.

So basically this states that he was self promoted from with in the group, see had a black belt in Aikido, Karate and Ju jitsu and then he got his Roku- Dan 6th degree in Chuan Fa , Shaolin Boxing, Jute And Kempo from Dante/Keehan. It was a self promotion come one boys Ken Knudson and 6 schoold and Dwyer had his schools and Edgell had his and so on. Its the good old boy system of the martial arts.

Once again we show the proof and it tells everybody that the Chicago martial arts scene at that time was financed by Keehan, and when Konsevic got killed that they all turned their back on Keehan. They were all promoted by him and now their trying to cash in on someone they stabbed in the back at the time of John Keehans greatest need. Shihan in five years Lucy you got some splanning to do.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


This guy is backed by Floyd webb his movie will be a joke and a laugh

Re: what is fake and what is real?
« Reply #1 on Apr 5, 2008, 7:32am »

First, I am not Radford Davis, no matter how many times this lie is told, it is still not true. Radford Davis is a friend of mine, and should anything happen to him or his family because of these lies, I shall be most put out.
Second, I am not 65. No one knows my age, it is a big secret, LOL It is not really important, just not anyone's business.
Your allegation that I "purvey black belts without verification to any paying customer" is simply wrong. It is based on a "trap" by Creeden and Bullshido. They made up a name and asked for Black Belt certification in Valetudo. I sent a certificate with a Black Belt EQUIVALENCY because there are no belts in Valetudo. But, just like a weasely Democrap, these guys twisted it and kept repeating it until "uninformed observers" like yourself believe it. Almost all of the certificates we award are based on prior certification or videotest. Some are given gratis to those who are deemed worthy. Black Belts can do that. The TKD people often award "honorary Black Belts" to local politicians and sheriffs. Masaaki Hatsumi himself will give you a certificate for the asking because he knows, like I do, that if you are qualified and the only thing holding you back is a piece of paper, then we will give it to you. If you are not qualified and we give you a piece of paper and you try to bluff your way through with it, you will get you ass kicked. Either way you learn the lesson you asked for. That the certificate doesn't make you a better fighter, nor is it adequate defense against a determined mugger.
Now, as usual, you are free to believe whatever you choose. You can find a report or a poll or a "scientific" study that will support any argument. If not you can fabricate one. But, the truth is the truth, whether you like it or not. And, I think we have proven multiple times that we are on the side of truth and right and justice, in court, on these message boards, and in dealing with real life.
You have no idea where I have been, what adventures I have had, nor what friends and enemies I have made. And, I'm not going to tell you, because those are my memories, you must make your own, LOL I am just another traveler you have met along the Way. Hardly worth making such a fuss over, just an ordinary guy who knows a few neat tricks. Who is perfectly willing to share them with you to help you along the Path. If that's a crime, if that's not good enough for you, too bad. Whatever you think I am or wish me ot be, I am that I am. Seeing the suffering of the world, I am unmoved. Hearing the words of sages, I am unmoved. I move only in my own way. You can too. If you just stop worrying about what other people think and say about you. Especially people who have never taken the time to meet you.
There is a lot of hate in the world. Some of it is projected at me. But, hate and anger can only be truly directed at the self. What these people accuse me of is their own lack of self esteem. But, because they are studying martial arts, there is hope that, even like Conan, they will come to know their own self worth and grow up to become men who know what is really important.
Not to worry, all this chaos, even your concern for this issue, is just part of a transition to a better day, LOL Keep well, keep training, in this way, you may discover the truth for yourself.

Ashida Kim

Its Radford Davis hands down. Its been proven in court.


Old radford is up to his old tricks again


The guy had his shit together his life cut short like Keehan. Lee is so grounded in his thoughts. Lee is a true visionary. In 1971 the martial arts boom was in full swing. His thought on the arts were that alot of the Chinese systems were ineffective and then he develops JKD. Just like Keehan and his friends all self promotion.

Monday, April 14, 2008


free video hosting
Free Video Hosting


Looks like to me like the guy in the middle is walking Floyd, Barbara Kemp is looking saying "look at the dirty little black boy on a leash" LOL Gotta love the 60's.


He has a arrest sheet a mile long from petty theft, to know drug user and all around scum bag. Hes a sad individual who throws away a relationship based on money, but a person with his record and intellect Billy should have known. He threw in with Floyd Webb these are the kind of people that Floyd has working for him and doing research. Mr Patricio definitely wouldn't pass a CORI check. In one of his cases it was just short of Leveling him as a sex offender, It just goes to show you what kind of people are involved in Floyd Webbs documentary. This is the gay who made a gay porn of me and Billy

This is a criminal mind and the mind of someone who needs to be locked up. All of his smarts he thinks he has, but let it be known he repeated freshman year of high school 4 times, but he says he was to smart for the teachers. Also a couple of high speed chases threw Providence R.I.

Also posting our faces on a gay porn picture and making this video, It only proves to people that you are demented and GAY for looking at Gay Porn at all.

The John Creeden Story - Watch more free videos

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Sine Floyd want to bring me in to this lets expose some of his harrasement.

Will Joey Chicago stand up, oh that right your already standing Floyd.

Floyd works at the Jazz Institue, and he did their site.
410 S. Michigan Ave. #943 Chicago, Illinois 60605
© 2002-2007 Jazz Institute of Chicago
Site by 3to1 Studio

This is Floyds address, notice their in the same building.

3to1 Studios is located at 410 S. Michigan Ave | Suite #430 | Chicago, IL 60605 | 312.281.2288. via; Wed, 18 Oct 2006 22:42:54 -0700
[]; domainkeys=pass (ok)
from (HELO ( by with SMTP; Wed, 18 Oct 2006 22:42:54 -0700
(qmail 52672 invoked by uid 60001); 19 Oct 2006 05:42:53 -0000
a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws; s=s1024;; h=Message-ID:Received:Date:From:Subject:To:MIME-Version:Content-Type:Content-Transfer-Encoding; b=WBRcFOnXcE+AYBgeZNgF/F/QjetsD0cyxAFn62iJcZbCXlHXPkxZ+DqAOjplyPOKx7MQdMElaZL2WKBJpszWVOwaHAh51JY4XELSngXuqmItEeRa17MPhddNeb8IFwNMU0onvcGW9XBu/Rr5t3IkZXtYYck2F8Q1/3DrzLwb8sg= ;
from [] by via HTTP; Wed, 18 Oct 2006 22:42:53 PDT
Wed, 18 Oct 2006 22:42:53 -0700 (PDT)
Send an Instant Message "Joey Chicago" Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more
learn son
multipart/alternative; boundary="0-1325240578-1161236573=:45451"

Know I'm gonna make it easy for you all go to whois and go to I.P. addresses. Then type in and it will come up Jazz Institue of Chicago

Here it is for you

Your WHOIS Search Results

IP Address

Your WHOIS Search Results
Record Type: IP Address

AT&T Internet Services SBCIS-SBIS-6BLK (NET-75-0-0-0-1) -
Jazz Institute Of Chicago-060718014657 SBC07503122619229060718014710 (NET-75-31-226-192-1) -

Your WHOIS Search Results


John Keenan and John F creeden Jr. 1974
My father and John 1966

Ok Lord of Chaos I would have posted this earlier, but I was shooting machine guns in Manchester N.H.. See I love this shit because you guys have nothing to bring to the table and I shut you all up time and time again. You guys can cry all you want the proof is here. Also Floyd cries about copyright transfers.

§ 204. Execution of transfers of copyright ownership
(a) A transfer of copyright ownership, other than by operation of law, is not valid unless an instrument of conveyance, or a note or memorandum of the transfer, is in writing and signed by the owner of the rights conveyed or such owner's duly authorized agent.
See if Billy doesn't own it than I do and your fucked big time know you going to have to prove I called someones mother in the middle of the night and I can use your blog against you Floyd your fucked.
Billy doesn't need stationary nor a notary to make the sale binding. What is Floyd going to use against me in court, he has no signature nor a signed paper from me and my father.
Thats all Billy needs Floyd so all your bullshit about paper. So were did you get exclusive use from me no signatures not even a piece of paper. Barron and you have nothing when I come for you. So you illegally got stolen goods from Barron, theft I love it.
You guys won't talk about that because your fat boy god Floyd, you don't want to hurt his fragile sensabilities.
Late Night Calls to 81 year old mothers?Part of the investors decision was triggered by someone making a call to the investors 81 year old mother in the middle of the night telling "your son is dead." We do not know who made the call, we levelled no accusations. But it came after a heated argument between the investor and John Creeden III who told him how long his arms could reach and his associations with the Irish Mafia in Florida. This was deleted from my blog a few days ago. But I am putting it back after seeing John Creeden III announced online I gave someone $7500.00 for images I got off of He says he is going for a job in law enforcement. Go figure.
See I got you both know so have fun my js-44 form is all filled out, so get ready. Its not fair use it breach of contract and theft. So good luck

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008


This is the back of the Worlds Deadliest fighting Secrets obviously Floyd lawyers don't read their material, look at the page and all will be revealed.

Mr Peck has known my father for years their both Masons and their are very well respected, You not getting nothing from here, unless Judge Wolf orders. Their were raised on the same block. It is kind of underhanded by the lawyers of Floyd Webb to slander a respectable citizen.
Floyd lawyers surely show that lawyers are lower than whale shit.

Look at the highlighted name boys , I want Floyds lawyers to see this, they need to do their homework when making accusation that they have no idea of what their accusing Billy of. No matter what you say the paperwork is their. So if Billy's counter claim is plagiarized it must perfect then and Floyd doesn't want to go to trial.

The Black Dragon Fighting Society is deeply rooted in Fall River and the surrounding communities. You have to remember this Billy has a school hear for 42 years including the Mount Hope Judo Club in Tiverton Rhode Island and the other guys who was in the club ended up being A Fire Chief here for 35 years.

I never disrespected the court at all and to say that is slanderous and will be used against all of you , see you just made it public record and was sworn under oath.

Its has been a fun ride in his declaration by David Kluft it states that the footage was my fathers, so Barron who a bad deal with me and Floyd took said footage from Barron, isn't that receiving stolen property.

Now people are going to have to prove now that I called someone 81 years old mother and own up to said footage, I will guarantee you this " Fair Use" isn't going to be Floyds defense at all. And the footage will be part of the complaint. You shouldn't have lied Floyd

See it what you say and Its what I say, Now lets go to court to prove it, but I'm going to go to your Jurisdiction , so were going to take that right off of the table. I know what the airfare to Chicago via Boston is , you seem to think that I've never been to Chicago wrong again.

I didn't agree with the way Billy wanted to handle this. Billy is extremely pig headed John Patricio can attest to that, and he wanted to do the court thing, so be it. Like I said it is his deal not mine . Me and Billy are on different paths with the way its dealt. I want to stock pile shit and grab the profits from the film. But Billy owns it.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Dan is a great pick, But Richard Bastillo who co-founded the JKD institute also would be great, also Enshin Master Kancho Joko Ninomiya who founded the Sabaki challenge would be great. That one would be awesome.
notiable mention
1. Bill Wallace
2. Chuck Norris
3. Russel Brown
4. Benny Uquidez
5. Bill Wallace
6. Master Heil Cho
7. Kancho Hideyuki Ashihara
8. Miyuki Miura ,this guys from Chicago
9. Soshu Shigeru Oyama
Just to name a few " Their Karate is STRONG"

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


You can't touch me at all Floyd, For one I'm a Rhode Island resident so no jurisdiction for you Fat Ass.

Floyd is a little chump with no balls who got his ass beat when he was a child. I'll keep writing and writing . Lets see the few little fags like Verne Gilbert Mr San Kyu , not even a black it a brown .

Mschremph I'll never be in trouble not from Floyd or any of you. I'm a hell of a lot smarter than all of you. It will never stop all I've ever done is tell the truth against all of you. And i exposed all of you for the fruits that you are. I'll never be stopped.

Its civil court not criminal jack offs, so many people are against the movie its funny . The "Green Dragons" don't want you to do it. I've been in contact with Gerald Warren for over a year and they have been watching you giving me info on you Floyd. Its funny that Floyd Webb is shut out of the Societies and the don't want anything to do with Fat Boy

Only 10 of you want the film to be done and thats it.

John "The King of Gay Porn" Patricio

Floyd Webb from the more tea sir tribe

Darrell Simon Mr steal my stuff but its ok nobody ever read them anyway.

Kung Fu pimp such beautiful zines, to bad none of them are yours.

Mike Scremph Uh I work in a nuclear power plant, sweeping floors is profitable

Radford Davis the fake martial arts master with no diplomas and no lineage, Ya he'll be good for the movie.

Barron the redneck drug dealer Shepperd I don't know Ashida kim and but he's my family. But I know his wife would love me more than him.

Ron Collins Ashida Kims sodomite and all around Blow Job.

Ok theirs only 8 of you enough for a Floyd circle jerk.

You can't touch me at all Jerk Offs, I'm not a Plaintiff no one can level sanctions against me. Wait Floyd will never get funding I guarantee it Chump, Queer , sodomite , jack off . All I do is right a blog.

Wait until you see the blog I'm righting about Radford and Floyd your gonna love it . Well its about Ashida and Webb love its funny as hell. I'm making a gay porn about them .