Wednesday, January 30, 2008


UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF MASSACHUSETTSWILLIAM V AGUIAR III PLAINTIFFVS. CIVIL ACTION # 07-11673-MLWFLOYD WEBB, BARRON ANDWENDY SHEPPERD, ASHIDA KIM IRADFORD DAVISFLOYD WEBBSETTLEMENT PROPOSALAfter much thought and being the sole proprietor of the intellectual property and said copyright A86679, TX3 161682, PAU2-673807, PAU2-617092 of the World's Deadliest Fighting Secret's and Worlds Deadliest Fighting Secrets II. My settlement proposal is as follows:1. No use of book World's Deadliest Fighting 1969 nor use of book World Deadliest Fighting Secrets 1991 nor any images relating to the two books titled World's Deadliest Fighting Secrets. And no logos relating to the Black Dragon Fighting Society and the World Karate Federation2. No film use relating to copyright's PAU2-673807, and PAU2617092. The photographer John F Creeden Jr is saying he can't use it. My father who is deceased William V Aguiar Jr is in the footage and has not asked permission to use it as I am the executor of his estatealso. And it is copyrighted. He has violated copyright for two years and has not abided and ignored a cease and desist order.3. Damages for the following two years of copyright infringements andthe repeated ignorance for the law.Infringement for two years $275,000Relief $300,000Also I will be giving Mr. Webb an opportunity to clear his name of 2 years of infringements and fraudulent involvement. That now clouds Mr. Webb's public image as a video production person in a highly competitive field.WILLIAM V AGUIAR IIIPLAiNTIFF, PRO SExxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDATE / 1/21 /2008