Friday, January 11, 2008

To the little Korean Summone's Bumm

This is to Summone's Bumm who hides like Floyd Webb or Barron Shepperd multiple personalities . See this slander is Okay by Floyd Webb on his blog threw comment moderation this will be submitted in court. Thank you Summone's Bumm

All you do is talk about how good other people are, never yourself. You are the mouth of the group; the sidekick and cameraman. I saw your work in Official Karate's Defensive Combat Oct 1976. Nice pictures, stick with that.

One this is my father not me you couldn't hold my fathers jock strap. He holds a San Dan in Tae Kwon Do and 5 other belts he hold's. Someone's Bumm or what ever you call yourself. I'll blow any of your students off the mat hows that Summ one's Bumm. Tell me who you are and what school do you run.

Your some much Floyd Webb you can't tell anyone your real name and all you do is insult. Will Sumone's Bumm or Joey Chicago please stand up. Karate is for sissie's Oriental suck at their own martial art's. You probably hold no real rank and ya I'll make it personal Summone's Bumm.

My father hasn't said nothing about any of this all he know is this he's a better photographer and writer than Floyd Webb. My father has written and shot for several martial arts magazines Black belt , defense Combat , The Rhode Islander to name a few what have you done Summone's Bumm . Nothing you done nothing in the arts or your life .