Thursday, January 10, 2008


Its the 3rd anniversary today of his passing. He was a man that did everything to the max he really pushed the envelope when it came to training and the arts. As a martial artist he was a perfectionist the old school way. Many times when i was a child he really pushed me to excel in my fighting ability. My father and William Jr were almost ritualistic in their approach to my training and William III . My real time in the school was 1974 to 1989 those were hard years in my life but i thank them now. They really put the fight in me their slogan was " geared to street survival " I fought in several Krane and AAU tournaments in the New England circuits . But tournament fighting never appeased to me but Willian Jr insisted . To show me that martial arts principles were weak and they never would be applied to the street. They always told me to learn to fight in a phone booth. I basically learned Fuck'em up waza and so did Billy III. William Jr instilled and insisted in this way of life and learning in the arts.

In his life he went strong. It was the life he lived and he was very respected and feared . When Billy Jr spoke you listened and if not you hit the mat hard. But you had discipline and you learned the right way to defend yourself. But William Jr life was a whirl wind and he was heavily connected he was really fast thats why Keehan was attracted to William and my father they were all cut from the same mold.

As a child i was their to see the aftermath of Keehan passing. Floyd says Ashida kim kept the BDFS alive . Billy jr and my father ran BDFS schools for 39 years after the death of Keehan. The schools were hear their were 4 in New England and had hundreds of thousands of students. Aguiar Jr legacy as Grand Master is rooted in Martial Arts history.

William Aguiar Jr trained with Korean Masters and West Coast Masters and it was his life calling to excel in the arts. William Jr wouldn't even look at Old Radford Davis . Tell you the truth I never heard of him until i met Billy in 06. And when I looked at him i thought he was a girl seriously I thought he was a lesbian .

For years William Jr lust for knowledge in the arts was immense he wanted to learn it all . At the time i was their he was still on the mat . He taught classes not the other instructors they would assist . So you learned from a Master and they came from far away to learn. He put out very well rounded street fighters.

In closing I felt his passing when i found out he died. In a way alot of who I am is from him . He taught me alot on how to read people and react to alot of different situations. He was a true mentor and pioneer and a crazy fuck'en nut. I love and respect him to share time and to be taught by him is a true honor. And I bow and show my sword hand in respect for him.

A small note to Sum Bumm who are you show yourself if your a real man. Your probably Floyd Webb righting himself. Lets bust some Chicago ball's

let's see
1. John Cole teaches Gregory Jaco in the Green Berets.
2. John Cole learns from Master Aguiar Jr and John Keehan.
3. John Cole is under the BDFS under Master Aguiar III . And John Cole is President of the WKF and he leads all the Chicago old timers. Who are under Master Aguiar III control . So bow and show respect.

And nobody will talk to Floyd HERE IN FALL RIVER who have any direct contact with Keehan in Fall River. So you still have nothing you should interview Ashida he'll give you a black belt if you film him HAHAHAHA.