Friday, January 25, 2008


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The guy on the left is Ernie Camp backed by Barron Shepperd, how do I now a private investigator told me. I have a goood friend named Charles K and some of his boys who do "good work" down their. Their the ones who investigated you Barron.
Look at your belt your wearing and look at mine, Now run along Barron your hiding like a boy and not coming out like a man. At least John Patricio is a man and faces me like a man.
I've learned yesterday that this blog holds alot of weight. Their is only 6 or 7 of you that doesn't like this situation. But the " Winds of change are coming" were the real deal. And your not hey Barron/Return of the Ninja your phone's gonna ring again.

John Patricio I woud like to apologize to you , because it is in order . Billy never mentioned Kenny from Alabama you now Billy hes very secretive and you don't now what hes really doing from one time to another. But you should apologize to Billy. You had a hand in this just as much as anyone else be a man and let it be. You keep your mouth shut about one and other agreed. I will keep my opinions about you silent and you do the same. We both now what we have done see I'm not a really bad guy. But were i've come from you consorted with your life long friends "adversary". What you said about the issues about Billy and I won't mention them anymore.