Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Thing very weird have come out of this some good some bad and some really weird one's . I guess Floyd could attest to that. We were contacted from an individual who was from Chicago at the time off the dojo war. He was with John Keehan two nights before Konsevic's death and his story is a little different.

Unfortunately the person whom was with Keehan that night is doing 35 years to life in Dixon Correctional Facility
This guy like every other black youth back then went to Vietnam got out and didn't like what he saw coming home. He served with the 173rd Airborne and that unit had the highest casualty rate in the war. He hooked up with H. Rapp Brown of the Black Panther's and later the Students for a Democratic Society. And like any militant group the loved the martial arts. Hooked up with the Chicago Karate scene at the time and started to train with Konsevic and later trained with Keehan. I'm really screwed up by this because I remember the story of a training a day in 67 were William v Aguiar Jr. He got an eye cut with a shuto and my father stated that that's the same guy who patched Billy Jr up .

Well the story goes like this. A couple of Keehans white belts got their asses kick by four Green Dragons and thats set off a personal challenge from Keehan against two the Green Dragon Masters. This individual two days before told Keehan to forget about it Keehan thought it was going to be honorable. And Konsevic was killed tragicly but from what I'm told people were pissed that they ran out and Konsevic himself made it all the way out the door and down the street were later he died . Which lead to Keehan under the clouds of a grand jury indictments that lead him too sell peanuts at Wrigley Field and give up karate in Chicago . Keehan stopped a hit on them from some of Konsevic friends. Because of court and the police Keehan wanted out and he said to this person that he would leave the Chicago area. And the rest is history.