Sunday, January 27, 2008

Your the thief FLOYD WEBB

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Originally Posted by KAR1234
For one if you are making a film and you get the info from someones buddy because the person that owns the rights has not delt or will not deal with you,or if his price tag is to high for you,is not right.If you can't get the stuff from the current grand master,of the story that you are doing then don't do it move on.Now remember this is just my opinion,and just like everyone else on or anywhere opinion's are like as*holes everyone has one.Ken PatricioYou are right Ken, everyone has one, but the judge's opinion will decide the case. Copyright abuse is as much a crime as copyright infringement and there will be consequences. As for "don't do it and move on"...yeah right. I am moving right on to the next source and completing my film. How reliable is the Grandmaster as a source who was not even born or was a toddler when the man was around? What, Dante changed his diapers?The point is this, I have a legal right and a personal obliigation to tell this tale. I lived through the period, I know many of the figures in the film who knew Dante. I have a vision of the filmThe "Grandmaster" is one of 2 people who have demanded money. The other was an ex-playboy bunny girlfriend of Dante's. To demand money from me to "look" at archival works is unreasonable and is akin to extortion. Paying someone for an interview is not ethical. I can pay expenses for travel or even "consultancy." But the "Grandmaster" wanted it all. I did not have it to pay and I was not going out on a for limb for images and film footage I could not see before paying for it, and an interview from a source that was offering what was essentially second hand information. I have a question for you Ken. What loyalties do you have to the "Grandmaster" that you would publicly reprimand your own brother for providing me for the same materials that were online at their site in the first place, mostly copies of flyers and newpaper articles. And no I did not give him $7500 dollars for an email of low resolution scans or any scans. I really do not get that.

He's the copyright holder DUMBASS he has the right to do whats he wants with his property. You were already using the footage from 2006

Your the thief , not Billy nor Barbara Kemp. Billy may have not known Dante , but I do and my family. What copyright misrepresentation your using the footage and the books in your trailers. Your not even a good street hustler . In the picture above this is all he wanted from his blog was the wrestler footage the actual fight . Thats means he has the footage already. So suck it Floyd .