Sunday, January 27, 2008


See Floyd and his merry men are trying to Ban you from Bullshido, Its just like Ashida same thing if you don't like what you say then they Ban you. Samuel Browning helped Floyd Webb with an Interview , he isn't going to help you at all. Real people who now what their talking about now what a thief looks like " Floyd Webb" the thread has 1500 posts but over 40,000 views . See I've been in Bullshido 15 minutes after I was banned I just changed my I.P. . Just sand bag , once you argue Floyd will put pressure and you will get banned. Just like Mattkiley he wasn't me at all and once you start asking questions that will expose them for the thieves that they are.

The paper you see is from Floyd Webbs blog, Billy has the original and it has the same water mark on it. So your brother gave it to him for money , That's what I was told by Barron Shepperd. Wheather It was true or not, he gave it to him for what and he lied to Bill about it. And in his e-mails he was talking to Floyd back in 06. Formulate yopur own opinion.

The picture is from this link.