Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Do you think that he made it that way for a reason!!!! I really didn't see this at all I new he wanted to calculate the infringement's picture by picture. So he came up with that number , we will see Floyd Webb's proposal.

The Creeden thing in William III proposal is saying that in Floyds Declaratory Judgement states that he has "exclusive" rights to the film . Not So he has no rights to use copyrighted materials for profit.

Simon I'm sorry that my father has a better deal with Official Karate than you or any freelance writer.

Listen I don't claim all thing's Dante, Billy doesn't either so get over yourselves Floyd asked for this with his under handed ta tic's. Billy said that he left Barron a low number, Because Billy knows that Barron isn't very smart. Look at the way the guy were's his Judo Gi.