Tuesday, January 22, 2008

John,John ,John

http://pub40.bravenet.com/forum/3407321802/show/704661 Ninja, what I meant by that is it was a great expense for the BDFS. They spent a lot of money to attend the seminar and then payed more to acquire all the rank that Poster gave them. Until then I didn't even know that you had to pay for rank. The seminar I could understand, but rank? Not that I think that they didn't earn what ranks they received (they were tested), just I didn't know you had to pay for it. That's not to mention all the other stuff (patches, T-shirts, etc.) that Porter was selling.*****I just wanted to comment on a few things Creeden just posted on his blog today, because I know he reads this one and I want him to read my responses.Creeden, letting Floyd or anyone else discredit Bill on my forum is NOT harassment or slander if what they are posting is opinions and facts. Floyd posted that William Aguiar III was arrested and considering that that was published in the newspaper it is NOT a lie. Maybe the newspaper is harassing and slandering Bill, but Floyd reporting on something a newspaper says is not. You telling me I should kill myself is! You claiming I was paid $7,500 without a shred of proof or evidence (because there is none and it never happened) is too. Learn the difference. The only person harassing or slandering anyone is YOU!As far as me never being "on the matt"... maybe not in the BDFS school, but I have been "on the matt"!As far as flyers being exclusive... do you know what exclusive means? Those flyers were posted and handed out in public where thousands of people saw and received them. They might be rare (nowadays), but they are definitely not exclusive. And there is nothing illegal about showing rarely seen items. I used to have the entire Star Wars action figure collection which nowadays would be considered "rare", but if I wanted to invite friends over to see them I wouldn't be breaking any laws. And for clarification, those action figures would not be considered "exclusive"!I also wanted to address the part where you mentioned I wasn't trusted. Are you kidding me?!?! Bill hates me nowadays, but when I was in Fall River we were closer then brothers. He had every trust in me as I did him. Hell, Bill even used to talk to me about his ************ habits, hemorrhoids, and chaffing he got from dry humping his girlfriend. Nowadays Bill might not trust me, but back then he certainly did. I never saw any of those archives because they were stored away in a myriad of filing cabinets and I never asked or cared to. I found out all I wanted to know from conversations with Aguiar. Who the hell wants to look at paperwork showing Dante owned a hair salon when I could hear it direct from Aguiar? By the way, I did more for Aguiar II then he ever did for me. Remember, I was the one that started their first website and wrote their press releases. I even earned him $500 by arranging for them to put on a demonstration at my college... and he didn't kick back one single penny to me for it either. I did telemarketing work for Aguiar, I did all kinds of work on the Asshida Kim situation, I helped him choose and purchase his first computer and I even paid him rent when I lived in the loft above his school (funny place to have someone you don't trust live). Bill wants to hate me now, fine, but I really wish he would start speaking the truth. As far as my brother... "abuse of siblings"... give me a break dude. I guess you don't have any brothers. We fought like cats and dogs sometimes it's true, but their was never any abuse, just being brothers. I can still remember very clearly the day my brother broke my guitar over my head... brothers. Lastly, I didn't say that Bill was a highway killer. I said he killed someone in self-defense, and I said it because that is what he told me. I didn't make that crap up. Some things shouldn't be mentioned at all even to best friends. Bill made that mistake, not me. As far as attacking children... I didn't attack any children you tard, I attacked Bill! I said I was going to support his ex in any child custody case. Can you not see the difference or are you really that dense? Yes, you are that dense, forget I asked.

Whats wrong with this situation is this . You talked to Floyd and you said you didn't. And then you screwed Billy by putting up the forum, you knew that stuff was for a book. You didnt have to give them a gold mine guy . And with me it started over me posting "war videos" on count dante.com. Dude why would i make up the 7500 dollar thing and put a wedge between you and Billy "why would I make it up they told me guy. The site pal digital Dante was put their to put the recorded messages I have so everybody can hear them. And then it will put this to rest. Just have to clear up some legal issues before I do it. And your gonna be surprised my friend I taped them for a reason. John why would I make it up think they were lying John.

Also when a celebrity or a public figure has something said about them and it's not true they can sue and win. Because Bill is a public figure. I'm getting ready to have Floyd take my name off his blog. Over the 81 years old mother thing with Barron Shepperd he going to have to take my name off of the blog or he will be sued . Like he did to countdante.com because someone said you were lovers.