Friday, January 11, 2008

Back to dante

Its get sickening to deal with loser's like Floyd Webb and Summone's Bumm. Lets get back to Dante the losers got enough of my attention.

While in the late 60s and 70s . Keehan light was diminished in Chicago but their was light in Fall River in this photo from the 1978 Official karate the Joe Lewis cover. Their was 1200 students from all over the New England area to come see Dante/Keehan teach street techniques and poison hand teaching's.

While Chicago turned their backs on him New England opened their dojo's to Dante and his teaching's. And we welcomed him with open arm's no one in Chicago cared about what Keehan did he had more students here than he ever had in Chicago their was already a following here and a loyal following Chicago ruined him in many ways.

Chicago people really didn't care about Dante they turned their back on him . They lived on his coat tail's and when he was in trouble they turned their backs on him. And he wanted out and he already visited 6 or 7 times before that and he loved the business opportunities here . William Jr had already 4 schools in the area already established. All Dante did was bring his philosophies and his mail order business here. He wanted nothing to do with his past friends in Chicago they already showed him their true colors. The only one he wanted to talk to was Russel Brown he was at the Taunton Death matches.

No one nows the truth of what Dante did here but a few people. And they will not talk to Floyd Webb or Summones Bumm hahahah.