Monday, January 14, 2008

The original from Darkside/Patricio

Heres the original just found it.

OK Creeden. Posted below is my email to Aguiar. Does it sound like I threatened a child? Or did I just threaten Aguiar's custody of the child? Their is a HUGE difference! By the way I later posted that sending that email with that threat was a mistake and that I wouldn't really do that. Are you trying to get me to change my mind?

I'm sick and tired of you slandering me Creeden. You are going to end up sued yourself if you keep it up, I swear! I am NOT and have NEVER BEEN a heroin addict (a disgusting drug) and I did not sell anything... in fact the same things that you are claiming I sold are posted on my site FREE of charge! How could I sell this crap when it's posted for free? Unless you have proof of you accusations STOP SLANDERING ME! I'm a professional writer and I do not need you ruining my reputation!

As far as Bill leaving a dead guy on the side of the highway, I didn't just invent that (like the stories you do), Bill told me that to my face. I don't know if it's true or not, but if you keep bringing it up some detective might look further into the matter... so I'd shut up about it altogether if I were you.


From: John Patricio (
Thu 8/23/07 3:32 PM

Hello everyone,

The BDFS newspaper and magazine archives are now re-opened to the public at Please tell all your pals.

I am going to give Bill 24 hours tops to re-open his forum... and if he doesn't, I guess I will have no choice but to open my own, where I will reveal all the secret BDFS behind the scenes stuff. Stay tuned!

Why am I doing this? Because Bill Aguiar is allowing Creeden to post crap about me on his forum, but not allowing me to defend myself. It's ashame that Bill has no loyalty to true friends. So be it. If I have already lost Bill as a friend then I have nothing left to lose. If he thinks that Creeden is a true friend, even though he did in fact sell stuff and give tons of info out behind Bill's back, then so be it. At least I can honesty say I never did.

I warned Bill in advance... don't block me from posting on your blog or this would happen, but he did and now it is. It's really shocking too considering the things I know. I guess Bill's memory isn't so sharp anymore. I wonder if his EX needs help with child custody. I wonder if the police ever found out how that body ended up in the woods off the highway. I wonder if the parent's who brought their children to train at the BDFS knew what was going on in Aguiars office. These are just a fraction of the things I wonder. Will we have to wonder together? OR will Aguiar re-open his forum for us and give me the same opportunity he is giving Creeden by allowing me to defend myself?

By the way... should I end up murdered in the near future you know who has motive and I hope you will be sure to report that info to the police. I don't fear death... I've been suicidal for years, but I would still want the murderers punished.