Tuesday, January 22, 2008

From the fake BDFS forum

John Patricio

Jan 21st, 2008 - 11:18 PM Re: Black Dragon Blog

You gotta love how Creeden is using that new name now, lol. He must have serious split personalities that would rival Sybil.

Love also how he is still accusing me of making $7,500 in his "slander" post... well what does he think making an accusation like that against me is? I would take a lie detector test to prove I didn't. I even offered to show statements from my bank! I didn't get a **** penny you morons!

Also, he talks about the statute of limitation being 3 years (I thought it was 5), but either way they found out Asshida was pirating the BDFS a decade ago, so they missed the time limit, unless of course it can get reset because his dad had Alzheimer's and it started again because Bill III is now in charge or something.

Lastly, Phil Porter was not a regular visitor to the school. He came out for a 2 or 3 day seminar once and at great expense and he hasn't been back since (and Creeden wasn't there. I know because I was). So unless I misunderstood I don't know why Creeden is claiming he was a "good friend" or whatever he said.

Now I'm sure after they read this they will come up with a few more insults to hurl my way, but that's ok because it's only hurting them more. Sticks and stones...
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Were you their John all the time from 1974 to 1989 you were a baby then son no you weren't and you never got on the mat at all in your life. So for someone to call some one a liar you were never their . Anything I say "Floyds bitch" you discredit loiike I said Barron Shepperd told me. Get on him not me hes the Ashida supporter not me Judas. You wouldn't know the truth of went on their in your life. You've never seen the archive at all Patricio, and theirs a reason for that because you were never trusted by them. You were only their for hand out. What do you think return of the ninja is Barron/Radford.

The only thing I now is this Patricio your just as bad as me your support of Floyd and letting him discredit Billy on your blog construes harassment. As in "Aguiar Busted" and allowing him to be slandered in your blog. Will be bought up in court and Floyd involvement in the conspiracy to de-fraud a copyright owner. Will be in court in a couple of months so clean it up. Just like I said Floyd was going to get sued and everybody laughed and then it happened.

This is a sample of the exclusive flyers that were in John Patricio possession that was sold to Floyd/Barron for 7500. They paid 1000 dollars for footage they already had. John you were "bought" and "paid" for. You are definitely Floyd's loyal Vassel.