Monday, January 28, 2008

John F Crreden Jr. shot the photo sequence from Defense combat magazine and front cover
You know what's funny... they put copyright notices on even the stuff they clearly do not own the copyrights to. For example, look at that Defense Combat magazine cover. Talk about over-extending authority!

Ya John obviously you didnt read the last paragraph of the article, were it state all photo sequences were shot by John Creeden . Including the front cover. So now what your talking about. My father has the original paper work from Defense Combat. As for the 7500, you back Floyd up like you did get paid and I'll say it again. Barron Shepperd told me in his lie's and deceit. And you lied to Billy about your involvement. Do I have to post the e-mail's between you two.

This is how my father noes that he better at photo and video than Floyd. A Tv commercial they did here in 1972 as picture above just fell into my possession from an old drive in theater owner from Westport Mass provided me. Also Floyd look whats around his neck it isn't no cross. In the commercial he does the charging T like no one else. Like I said i'm gonna cut up your movies and claim "Fair Use" and hire Falzone to represent me against you.