Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ninja / Ashida/Barron

Return of the Ninja
Jan 20th, 2008 - 5:34 PM
Re: Black Dragon Blog You gotta love it. Creeden/Aquiar/Cabral/Matt is now claiming Floyd had film footage of Dante all along. So come on which is it? If they already had it, there was no reason to buy it. First they stole the footage from them now they had it along. GOOD GRIEF.

Look at the time it was posted by Anchango and Ashida Kim way before my involvement. It was way before I was around my friend's. I may call him a cripple, but he called Billy a highway killer and he attacked children. The date are in the motions and you can't lie about that, sorry son you loose again. You right from the same way as a fake ninja does.

Look my Federal Court case. I got electrocuted and died on June 15,2005, I'm a screwed up and I'm sure I'll die way before Patricio , but I don't cry like a "fag" for sympathy so a Art before you turn your stomach some of us don't cry for attention from people. Also Billy had a long talk with your brother John, from what he told us you tortured your smaller siblings. Hey man its coming from your own families mouth.

Also the site pal that you see is for putting up the answering machine calls from Barron Shepperd and Floyd Webb on line . So stay tuned.