Tuesday, January 15, 2008


1. William V Aguiar III is not arrested, Nor on Drugs like some people
2. I John F Creeden would love you to take the blog down. So I can file counter notification and go to Federal Court.
3. This isn't over after Federal Court.
4. Barron Shepperd and Floyd Webb have no signed agreements. So you have nothing.
5. I have alot of power boys I can make you phones ring in your area code just ask Barron Shepperd.
6. John Patricio sold Floyd Webb exclusive flyer's and documents for 7500 how do I know this and why would I make that up, and Barron Shepperd told me.
7. Billy and his advisers were laughing their asses off at you guys on the 1bdfs board.
8. John you say about dead people on the side of the highway you said it Mr. Patricio and the cop told me Dickhead.