Saturday, January 19, 2008


I would like to thank Samuel Browning for paving the way against Ashida Kim/ Radford Davis. William is in the process of contacting Peter Lund from Paladin Press and he will be contacting Mas Ayoob about Ashidas issues. The years of tracking Davis is crazy William Jr tracked his every move and cataloged it . Mr. Davis needs a good lawyer. Floyd Webb probably had no idea the response he would have against Ashida kim from the real martial arts community he is a fraud and Floyd Webb didn't really understand the ramifications. Just like we watched Chicago they watched what was going on here for over 35 years and they didnt say BOO. Come on Russel Brown was at the Taunton Death Matches and so was Kareem Allah he was from New York at the time. look I have respect for the old time martial artists out of Chicago "except Felkoff", Day was very pleasant person.

You will never hear from someone who was really their getting into this ,you will never hear from my father at all or John Cole. The people who were really their will never tell the truth about Keehans true dealings. Believe people like Dwyer,Miller, Brown ,Knudson "god rest his soul" and Cooper especially Cooper. My father said he was a machine like Brown. Those are my fathers words so to me they have merit.