Thursday, January 24, 2008


You think I didn't save this. From

Winter Haven Judo ClubWinter Haven, FlHead Instructor: Baron ShepardWebsite: www.badassfightwear.comContact Phone: (863) 860-8769Contact Email:

And also read this press re-lease that says Floyd Webb has 350,000 budget

The Search for Count Dante: New Doc seeking Co-Production FinancingFloyd Webbe22,digital.filmworksUnited States Hello everyone, my name is Floyd Webb and I am a Chicago based Producer I am seeking international co-production for my feature length martial arts documentary. Details follow. I hope it is ok to solicit interest like this. I am new to the site. I guess I will find out in a minute.The Search for Count Dante Feature Length Documentary Martial Arts/True Crime Budget: $350,000 http://thesearchforcountdante.comIn the 1960s and 70s, his scowl was unmistakable and his kung fu pose conveyed a menace that went beyond martial arts mastery. He called himself Count Dante and he claimed to be “The Deadliest Man Alive” in garish comic book ads and gruesome instructional manuals. While his name and title may have been more show biz than lineage, his drive to live up to his fearsome reputation left one man dead and a promising career in ruins.Count Dante’s real name was John Keehan and he grew up in a posh section of Chicago. In the early 1960s he was one of the most intriguing figures in America’s nascent martial arts scene. Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris were his contemporaries, but Keehan’s appetite for self-promotion was greater than a movie star’s. When he wasn’t putting on karate tournaments, he was styling hair and courting Playboy Bunnies. He was one part “Black Belt Jones” and one part Warren Beatty from “Shampoo.” He challenged Muhammad Ali, tested his hand speed against a quick draw artist, and kept an African lion as a house pet.


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