Monday, January 14, 2008

John " Judas" Patricio aka Darkside

He seems to think were stupid about his posting . I learned one thing about writing style it never changes. "You can't copyright something you don't own" remember that. I recorded the phone messages from Barron Shepperd and from Floyd Webb to submit them to be heard in open court . Remember their phone messages not recorded conversation's.

John doesn't want anyone to know he was the one who brought the cops to Billy and my door. Sorry boy's that was squashed so fast with my contacts that it was one meeting and done. This is from his forum thats states that it was me not him . Then why did the cops contact him first I'm a Rhode Island resident. Threw what my contact's told me that Patricio called them .Well who is Darkside if you were in Billy's office you would know not to talk about it because what ever happened their you should be smart enough not to talk about it. I was their between 75 to 89 I know more than anyone else. I know first hand what happens in the back rooms of several schools including some late night partying to arranged pit fight for money. So hers the post.

John Patricio don't be a pussy be a man. When the light go out you'll have to atone for your sin's

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John Patricio

Oct 1, 07 - 4:21 PM Oh boy... now Creeden has really done it!

I received a very unsettling email today. It was from a detective with the
Rhode Island State Police and he asked me (and Creeden) to call him
pertaining to Bill Aguiar III. This must be about the guy that Aguiar
supposedly killed in self-defense.

My heart is beating twice as fast as it should be because I can only think
that either the police really did find a body OR they are just calling to
see if it's worth investigating. I don't know which.

I really hope that story wasn't true. I'm not happy with Bill right now, but
I sure would hate to see him go to prison because he made a bad decision
while defending himself from a gunman. The worse thing is, had Creeden kept
his mouth shut this would never have come to the attention of the police at
all... but, if it's actually true then it is probably the best thing anyhow.

Creeden tried to implicate me in the Bullshido thread. Of course his claims
were all lies, because no matter what he says, I was not a party or witness
to anything. As far as I knew it was just a story like so many others that
some arrogant martial artist make up to make themselves seem like bad-asses.
If Creeden also tries to implicate me to the police then he could/would be
charged with filing a false report or worse, so I hope he is at least smart
enough to keep his lies to himself instead of spreading them to the cops,
but I don't think he is that smart.

I am willing to take a lie detector test or whatever else I must do to prove
my side of this. Had I known it was true and not just a story I would have
called the police! Self-defense isn't murder!

I just really pray that the story is fake altogether. The last thing I need
in my life right now is to have to be a witness in some kind of trial... or
worse yet, because of Creeden and Bill's anger at me and lie telling, a
defendant when I had nothing to do with it.

When Bill told me that story he didn't even have any bruises or scratches on
him (although it was a couple weeks after the fact) and I never heard
anything in the news about finding a body, so I assumed it didn't really
happen. Should I have? Was the right thing to do when he told me that story
to call the police anyhow, evidence or not? At that time I didn't want to
ruin our friendship or get in trouble for filing a false report by calling
the police for something that didn't really happen.

This is very concerning to me. **** Creeden and his big mouth! Some
opinions/advice anyone.



Oct 1st, 2007 - 4:43 PM Re: Oh boy... now Creeden has really done it!


Seriously, if questioned just tell them that you took Bill's story with a
grain of salt and dismissed it.

As there was no report of some body appearing in the river then I'd just
forget about it.

Maybe it was shades of Count Dante again, with Bill saying stuff that may
have been a fantasy?

I wouldn't lose sleep over this, its not worth it!

If they're interested let them talk to Bill.
John Patricio

Oct 1st, 2007 - 5:00 PM Re: Oh boy... now Creeden has really done it!

Well that's the truth of it and I do plan on telling them to talk to Bill.
If it really happened the best thing for Bill to do would be to tell the
truth. I'm just worried about Creeden (or Bill) trying to falsely implicate
me like he already did on Bullshido.

You know what's funny? I've heard you guys mention a few times that this
copyright stuff should be on the news or something... well, if that story
was true, that may end up happening after all. Go figure!

I never implicated anyone he brought it up on The conspiracy's of these guys is disgusting their low life