Friday, January 18, 2008


Presented here is a small part of what I personally uncovered in my pursuit of the truth. The exposure will allow the martial arts community worldwide to hear another version, as apposed to the one sided story everyone keeps hearing. This will allow everyone the opportunity to decide for themselves, who Stoffel Van Vuuren really is.Floyd Webb recently received an ‘Honorary Member’ certificate from the Black Dragon Fighting Society, This certificate serves as the official grading certificate used by Stoffel Van Vuuren for any rank qualification within the BDFS. This certificate is a representation of the Dojo, its martial arts society and its represented masters. What then if their certificates turned out to be counterfeited, a fraudulent document sourced from various websites and poorly put together to create this illusion?Stoffel Van Vuuren has failed in every attempt in creating a certificate that would appear genuine. Lets start taking a closer look at Stoffels certificate.Topic Point I begin at the top, it reads “College of Martial Arts” and next to it on the top right hand corner is a crest. My first impression was that the crest represented and accredits the BDFSs College of martial arts authenticity. I know for a fact that this college doesn’t exist.Proof The paragraph above the South African and American flag, second line reads “and have applied for the registration of the college accreditation”, an application does not mean that you have an official College of martial arts, it does not even guarantee the approval of such a College. Where could one apply for such a course, where are their premises in order to attend a lecture, how many teaches are there per student, how many faculty and staff does the college have, what is the website address? I suppose Stoffel could then apply for his Grandmaster ranking and take the title before it was earned?The next question here would be, “application with who?”, “SASSETA”. Would the application not have to go through the Department of Education and Sports,, and not SASSETA. I will touch back on this point latter once again.Proof The crest does not belong to any college, it actually is the South African Government Coat of Arms, They have absolutely nothing to do with the BDFS, Stoffels supposed College of Martial Arts” or martial arts itself. How closely is he involved with the South African Government that permits him using their logo?I doubt they knew about this, now they do and can share their thoughts.It is my opinion that Stoffel Van Vuuren is trying to meet the high standards set by his most recent induction of David Halivia and this Dojo in Israel, and , into the BDFS-I.From what I have seen and have researched, it actually is Stoffel who needs to be inducted into “The Way Of The Nine Cutting Hands”. David Halivia, his knowledge, his Dojo and students are far more superior than Stoffel Van Vuuren is. So much so that he is desperately copying them in everyway possible. Israel has an impressive Zinman College of Physical Education and Sport Science, now Stoffel must create an impression that he has one too that belongs to him, the BDFS-I, Stoffel even copied Israels website layout, his could not match their standards and dedication.I am also convinced that Stoffel is trying to secure their syllabus on DVD in order to strengthen his supposed Koga Ryu Ninjitsu syllabus. Stoffel did exactly that, when he acquired Ryu Toushis syllabus, I have copies of Stoffels Ninjitsu training DVDs and the BDFS-I entire syllabus on file, before Ryu Toushi and “The Way Of the Nine Cutting Hands” joined. It was very weak considering he is an authentic 10 Dan Grandmaster in Koga Ryu Ninjitsu for the BDFS-I. I also got hold of Ryu Toushis syllabus and then a copy of Stoffels amended BDFS-I syllabus soon after. In comparison, Stoffels syllabus was so much more inferior and could not hold any measure to Ryu Toushi. So he copied and pasted majority of their syllabus to create his newest version for 2007.Topic Point Moving onto the next logo, found on the right of the two red official stamps. The image contains an oriental dragon holding a typical yin & yang image with the Chinese Elemental Kanji surrounding it. The circular logo fades from a light orange to a dark orange.Proof This logo belongs to Budoschule Ronin,, which has no affiliation to the BDFS, there are no links on either websites in association, nor are they listed under the BDFS affiliated page, Stoffel Van Vuuren, the BDFS may simply use their logo when required.I doubt Budoschule Ronin knew about this, now they do and can share their thoughts.Topic Point The last logo found on the bottom right hand corner belongs to Kyusho International.Proof The BDFS may have a link from their website to Kyusho International. Although it is not a direct link to Kyusho International themselves,, it is through a Kyusho Space Martial Arts Networking Community, What a complicated way to have a direct link to Kyusho International. Stoffel Van Vuuren is not a certified Kyusho International instructor, nor does he have a strong affiliation to them. As far as I am aware, he merely registered as a student and has not attended any seminars, training session nor graded any kyu level.There are also no links to BDFS from both the Kyusho International,, and South African websites, even is no link from the Kyusho Space Martial Arts Network Community,, back to Stoffel at the BDFS.I suppose having a student affiliation and having an indirect website link to Kyusho International gives Stoffel permission to use their logo on this certificates.I doubt Kyusho International knew about this, now they do and can share their thoughts.Do you not get the impression that Stoffel Van Vuuren is simply adding website links to reputable masters and Dojos, in the attempt to strengthen the appearance of his society? I will cover those trends in detail in the near future.Topic Point Dr. Lawrence Days official red stamp is found above the Shao-lin Temple stamp, situated slightly under the South African Government logo. I believe this to be the only authentic image on the entire certificate. Dr. Lawrence Day is one of the original BDFS students of Count Dante. Dr. Lawrence Day will not use Stoffel Van Vuurens BDFS logo on his website,, now why is that?It is my opinion that Stoffel Van Vuuren sought to join forces with Dr. Lawrence Day and with Master Michael Felkoff, so that he could strengthen his fraudulent ties to the real BDFS and its members. Stoffel is desperately trying to include himself somehow in the upcoming changes to ensure his place within the newest BDFS. This link gives you some idea to what is going to happen, am sure that Stoffel made use of the fact that Dr. Lawrence Day could not verify anything seeing that he is overseas, taking advantage of being in a different country with only his voice to consider and trust. Topic Point The Shao-lin Temple stamp found underneath Dr. Lawrence Days stamp. There is another smaller stamp on the bottom left corner of the certificate. Why have the same stamp twice?Proof I could not find this logo or any reference to grandmaster Young Di of the Shaolin Temple on the internet. Do you have any information to share?Topic Point This is a trivial point, I know, I will mention it anyway for you to enjoy. The South African flag is facing the wrong way.Topic Point The paragraph above the flags reads, “The College prescribed to all the requirements set by the South African Government SASSETA Standards and have applied for the registration of the college accreditation” is false.Proof SASSETA,, is not the South African Government, it may be regulated by the government, so too are many other organisations.A SASSETA manager confirmed that they do not and will not authorise any such college application. SASSETA is only involved with the basic security personal and firearm accreditations. They do not regulate the self defence and martial arts sectors.Topic Point The Japanese Kanji, found under the rank in the middle of the certificate.I understand the English translation to be ShinobiYa. Again, yet another logo has been taken and copied from another unsuspecting website.Proof The link listed here will prove itself, doubt they knew about this, now they do and can share their thoughts.Topic Point The BDFS logo found in the middle left of the certificate has also been copied from another website and martial arts federation.Proof Visit Count Dantes website,, you will see Count Dante sitting with the BDFS badge on his shirt and the copyrighted logo is displayed soon after. This was established many years before Stoffel Van Vuuren was illegally involved in the BDFS-I.Topic Point The last logo found on the top left hand corner of the certificate. It is the log above the original BDFS logo. At present I have no idea where this logo came from. I hear that it was the first logo used by Count Dante before changing it to the current version. I can not confirm this, although, I saw this badge on this page,,, Could you shed some light on this?It seems Stoffel Van Vuuren has a tendency to copy everything he chooses from any website, uses it and claims it to be his.Here is another incredibly interesting read,, it is a copy of Stoffels email that he sent to the original BDFS asking them if he could affiliate himself. Now why would he need to affiliate to them if he is the official Grandmaster of BDFS–I and is charged with the responsibility as president of BDFS–I,, I know, this has just opened another huge issue and a number of questions, which will be address in the near future. Stoffels email to BDFS, you realise that Stoffel quickly registered the BDFS name and logo in South Africa before his BDFS affiliation was approved. He took advantage of the international copyrighting loopholes in South Africa. Stoffel Van Vuuren explained a very different version of events, described in his email to the original BDFS, to everyone in South Africa. Most of his comments in that email are false and deliberate lies. I am busy compiling the evidence and testimonials to prove Stoffel otherwise. Stoffel Van Vuuren insist that the BDFS and BDFS–I are not the one and same. If that were true, why is he using the BDFS logo and linking himself to members of the original BDFS. Who really charged him with the responsibilities as President of the BDFS-I. I have in my possession an official signed letter from Ashida Kim, appointing Stoffel Van Vuuren as the official representative of the BDFS in Africa and as Grandmaster of region 9, only a 5 Dan Black Belt in Koga Ryu Ninjitsu at that time, dated and signed on the 11 November 1998. The BDFS did not even belong to Ashida Kim to have assigned it over to Stoffel.Stoffel may have a copyright on the BDFS logo and name you see on his website, in South Africa, I have not seen proof of this to this day.If you wish to challenge Stoffel Van Vuurens copyrights legally in South Africa, I suggest you get your legal team to contact CIPRO,, and challenge this issue. I know that if Mr. Aguiar can prove that the BDFS logo was used well before Stoffel acquired it, Stoffel would be in some serious legal trouble, it should be easy enough to prove. Stoffel took advantage of the lack in the authenticating process of South African copyrighted logos that are compared international.I will not tolerate Stoffels attempt to take something that is not his. If you have not realised by now that Stoffel is joining forces with reputable martial artists, he is frantically networking himself within the martial arts community, acquiring honorary rank certificates (claiming they are actual grading certificates, having the full experience and knowledge for each, having physically earned them) and affiliations in the attempt to strengthen his credibility. Stoffel might think that by surrounding himself with true masters, no one would think to question his authenticity. Stoffel may be a mixed martial artist, but, he is no a master of one. Stoffel may fool a few people now, but the truth always finds its way. Stoffel Van Vuurens character and integrity is in question so soon, by just questioning one certificate, we get an incredibly strong impression of who Stoffel really is. Stoffel Van Vuuren has no regard to any copyright laws, he is permanently copying every logo he can, selling copies of martial art training DVDs, selling copies of books for profit. Including a photocopied version of Count Dantes book he acquired from Ashida Kim. He must be stopped.I will address everything else I found about Stoffel Van Vuuren in the near future.That is all for now.