Sunday, January 20, 2008


This is the violating video see he had it for so long before I ever got involved. So when I sold my footage to Barron Shepperd they weren't looking for footage they were looking for exclusive license. But to me its like this . I may have just as well sold him " Goodfellas" then to watch it him self , but to charge money for people to see it thats the infrigement. You did this all for the money Floyd. All I wanted was agreement for license which Barron Shepperd did not do.Somebody found this from the web. Its from e-22 digital Floyd Webb's he downloaded this on 12/4/06 . He had the footage then not me . See the scam!!!!

You now David Chase the creator of The Sopranos waited for "Journey" front man Steve Perry for three weeks before he could use and get licensing for "Don't Stop Believing" in the ending episode of the Sopranos. Now thats how business should be done in the proper business enviroment. Not with all this cloak and dagger.

You now that seeing him infrige like this I want to friggin sue him for licensing. My father shot this shit and Floyd Webb had the fuckin footage a year and a half before I ever came into the picture. What an asshole he lied threw his teeth about his involvement with and still lies about Ashida Kim / Barron Shepperd.