Sunday, January 6, 2008

Floyd Webb need to get his story straight

"The Fall River people are engaged in undermining me by interfering with my efforts to interview people in Fall River. It is quite clear that they have none of the control they claim to have over people that are creditable interviews, people who were alive and active during the pertinent time periods I am investigating. They are blowing just so much smoke. This will become apparent in the coming months."

See Floyd is the thief he's the one who stole copyrighted material's and tried to swindle the person who shot it and tried to go around the legitimate owners. John F Creeden Jr is probably going to sue Floyd Webb himself and Barron Shepperd for copyright infringement and breach of contract. I know film people who say that Floyd Webb isn't doing it right not one person that i have talked to would have done it this way. Floyd is a classic scum bag in business . How many time does he have to be told to stop before he get it .

See Floyd just doesn't get it . The only people out here who new Dante/keehan are John f Creeden Jr. and John Cole. I guess Floyd is making things up to fluff the film. Floyd you can't finish the film without us DUMMY. I told you a hundred times were the real deal your not.


Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 17:46:47 -0500
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Subject: Re: Count Dante Documentary Research

Ashida Kim,

Would you be willing to talk about Dante's influence on you in an
interview, and can you give me a contact for Sensei Broussard???

Floyd Webb wrote:

> Floyd,
> Thank you for your e-mail. Not much I can contribute I'm afraid. Only

> met Count Dante once at a short seminar in Chicago. I was very
> impressed, he was a dynamic figure. Other than that, about all I know

> is what was in his book and what Mas Ayoob wrote about him in Black
> Belt magazine. Do keep me posted about what you develop. Would like
> have some more history on him for our site as well. You may be able
> get some more information from Supreme Grandmaster William V. Aguiar
> at _countdante.com_
> I remain, *
> Ashida Kim*
> For a complete listing of Ashida Kim <> books
> tapes go to DOJO Press <>

They have kept in touch ever sense this e-mail in 05. Ashida will be a big part of the film Barron Shepperd is an investor in the film. I've talked to Barron he a fast talking southerner .I got the story on him and Radford Davis from a guy who ran a Hopkido school in Winter Haven. He told me that Barron was a Wrestling Coach and was never a martial artist at all. Ashida/Radford Davis taught private lesson out of the school thats it. Funny things happen when you pick up the phone and it rings and their nodody's their. So i asked Barron Shepperd if he heard of Ashida Kim first he denied it then I confronted him and he folded.

see billy never showed his hand to me at all. I never new the the film footage was at the end of the Dvd. I really had no clue Floyd had it all the time except the wrestler footage of the fight thats it.

See Floyd wanted the exclusive right from my father to circumvent the legitimate copyright holder. Thats why the user agreement that i wanted to exclusively say that the footage was to be used in a professional fashion . They decided against that. Barron Shepperd agreed to the $1500 and a user agreement. He paid $500 got the film said it sucked but sent the additional $500 hhmm sounds fishy to me. It took me two weeks to get in touch with this guy and to tell me that he gave it to Ashida Kim and he wanted nothing to do with it . So I thought I called Floyd Webb 10 or 15 times to explain the situation he was cold as ice. After he came to Fall River he could have been straight up with me. Floyd has his own agenda MONEY to make enough money to pocket and to fund another film you don't need to be a rocket scientists to figure that out. But Floyd hasn't played fair at all.

Oh let's not forget the calls to someones 81 years old mothers house. This is from Barron Shepperd backed by Floyd Webb he actually put it on his blog. About the footage I wanted it back and Barron didnt want it back. I waved my magic wand and i guess he went back to Floyd and said that someone had called his 81 year old mother. It's kind of funny the Radford Davis and Barron Shepperd both have 81 years old mothers . Floyd called me on June 8 I remember that date because it my wife birthday party when he called . And I told him that I didn't do it and he deleted the post.

Then the you tube fiasco thats was all Billy not me . Just the videos were from me I was pissed at the whole thing. Floyd called my father a couple of times and then i called Floyd he was pissed . And then i said im the one who was lied to not him and got screwed over.

Ashida / Radford Davis I could careless about him he's a nobody. What is he like 65 or something. He used the same e-mail i sent him drunk it reads I'll give you 50'000 for you funeral or something. Tell you the truth i really didn't even remember sending it . The guy probably had a dosier on me somewhere he kept the fucking e-mail . The guy is OCD or something and he's making up fake e-mail from Madolio with out a net address the guy should be a science fiction writer . This guy is screwed up in the head to think that anyone really takes this guy seriously. You now what Ashida kim is He's incred-a-boy in the incrediables. He's just annoying and he won't go away.

See Billy holds the copyright , the person who shot it is saying no and William Aguiar Jr. is deceased and you need personal permission from William Aguiar III to show that footage . Floyd has none of these and he needs to be in court . I hope he keeps his mouth shut so he doesn't get in trouble. Because he s way over his head already.