Thursday, January 24, 2008


Barron Shepperd is on the right. Look at that "GI"

THIS IS FOR RETURN OF THE NINJA, You know having the ninja means you have AID'S. We throw down here any takers. Any takers I would love to pound anyone of you if you have the ball's. So call him but he's not going to tell you nothing.

What about you ninja weres your school, Barron you posted a dead link just like the liar he is . Hey I hope you tailored that Gi guy. You would be a great person to throw, I would "Ippon" you all day. I've never seen Judo guys with that much excess on their Gi's in my life. These guys are clowns. I had my Gi teared apart and tailored to my body . Any good Judoka would now that. Your all clowns. You couldn't train with me at all I would give you about 10 seconds and I'd choke you out. And tomorrow I will take a picture of my first Black Belt. The not is so worn I might break it, my first belt went from white to brown to black the old fashion way. Then my father made me get a new one. The only one of you I respect still is Verne Gilbert that old bastard I hope he's still kicking.
Its seems Return of the ninja / Barron Shepperd seems to think that Barron has trained in Judo since 98 hahahah how come this comes to light now.
Also Floyd your like what 390 lbs or something you shouldn't talk Floyd, you dwarf me you have a big "muffin top my friend" . Wow Ashida is 64, you now what funny Barron and Ashida Kim both have 81 years old grandmothers. And Bill is a public figure here in Fall River and you now it John P hes bigger in the martial arts than Floyd in the movies business. Hey Floyd were a suit to court and don't have any crumbs on it fat boy.
Oh by the way people e-mail me your thread's John , I don't bother to join your Fake Group Judas
Its Barron Shepperd that the right way of spelling it, remember Barron your lawyer put a motion in to correct your name , The people in your so called Judo club that have known you for so long constantly spell your name wrong. Its funny that barron first Judo fight was at the Disney sports spectacular in October.

Men's Masters 30 to 34 yrs. old 209 lbs.

Scott Huitt
Martin County Judo

Baron Shepherd
Winter Haven Judo

This link is from the Walt Disney World Judo tournament that Barron was to compete in, But obliously he either didnt show or not go far in Judo the 2nd Dan needed to get better to step up to the likes of me and Billy. I would Ippon him in 2 seconds no problem.